How To Use Google Keyword Planner For SEO

How To Use Google Keyword Planner For SEO

Though Google keyword Planner Tool is a free tool, but it can introduce wonderful results, and it is used by many marketing experts in finding their keyword research. Here, we treat two important tips concerning that wonderful tool, in using it to find wonderful and profitable long tail keywords and how to use it in SEO. 

How to use Google keyword Planner for SEO

Using Google keyword planner for SEO needs more experience than the usual usage of that tool, as using it by that way is depending upon many factors which are:
Finding more qualified searchers
Finding more precise keywords or more determined long tail keywords
Raising the converted percentage from your visitors to take action by buying your packages of your target keywords or transferring them to another link.
These three factors are the main basis or results caused by using Google keyword planner for SEO, and we'll show you how to do that.
First of all, you should have a google account and sign in Google keyword planner. Then choose the first choose: Find new keywords and get search volume data, and choose the first one from that choice:

Search for new keywords using a phrase a website or category.

You can precise your search according to countries, languages, search engines, Avg monthly searches in a certain period, competition and other keyword options, and you can make your research include certain keywords.
Before beginning, you should know that you have two kinds of the keyword, the first one is the informational keywords which aren't very precise and is wanted by less experienced researchers of beginners. The second type of keywords which is the convert keywords which is wanted by more professional researchers, and they ready to take action if landing on your page, and that kind of keyword is that we mean by using Google keyword for SEO. Let's have an example for the keyword: hosting. You can target two kinds of users or searchers to your site by long tail keywords concerning the word hosting, the first one is: what is hosting, and this actually is an informational keyword which is searched by less experienced searcher who wants to gather information about hosting term which he obviously just has started on blogging or have less experience, but the term; hosting review is more precise keyword and is searched by more experienced searcher, and so the percentage of convert from those researchers will be good, and that kind or researcher who we want to get on our landing page.

We have to put in mind the actual search volume of your target keyword and the competition (that of Google keyword planner concerning advertiser, not search engines). The search volume of that keyword is the actual monthly searches of it in 21 month period. And if the competition is low, that mean that your chance to rank well on google, as the rate of the advertiser of that keyword is less competitive or there are not many advertisers of that keyword. Look at that picture: 

The term "SEO" has more than half million researchers per month, which is include in many and many long terms such shown in the picture as best SEO services which have 1000 Avg monthly research, that means that there are about 1000 researchers who search on the term "best SEO services", also the term "search engine optimization tools" have 880 Avg monthly researchers. Look again at this picture

We notice that monthly search volume of the term "search engine Optimization Company" is in less degree month after month, but the term "search engine optimization tools" increase in the last month in particular, while the term "best SEO services" was at its height in the first month then its equal somewhat in the rest of the months. We have so to choose the term which the monthly volume of it in up and up month after month. 

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How to use Google keyword planner to find profitable long-tail keywords

Finding long tail keywords is the right key for SEO, as it depends upon people's natural and more qualified queries which will not be in a great number of websites, then, by finding your long tail keywords of your field your rank well and fast in Google.
Actually, there are many tools which help you find long tail keywords paid and free, but with formal Google keyword planner tool, the matter is different as it the best of the best though it is a free tool, and it is the formal of google. Though the tool is specialized for the advertiser, you can use it as a competitor to put your articles in the organic search results of Google.
Many marketing experts use Google keyword planner in finding profitable long tail keywords with highly search volumes and less competition, as the tool is the best for many marketing experts, and so, we show how to use it to find profitable long-tail keywords without paying any penny in any other tools.
First, we'll take a "Keyword" as an example to test the Google keyword planner in finding profitable long tail keywords, we'll test the keyword "blog marketing" as an example, let's start:

Now go to Google search page and write the word "blog marketing", Google will suggest to you many results concerning the term "blog marketing" as this:

Now go to Google search page and write the word "blog marketing", Google will suggest to you many results concerning the term "blog marketing" as this:

Look at the related search results in the bottom of the page which are long tail keywords which are depended upon people's queries. Go to Google keyword planner tool, sign in and start searching for these keywords you have to get from google search page suggested keywords and related keywords. The results by relevance are considered wonderful long tail keywords

You can then, find in relevance keywords the most relevant long tail keywords which are very suitable to your keyword, and start to integrate it into your articles in sub-headlines.
 Or you relevance keywords in making more attractive articles, for example, we'll use these long tail ones:
Social Media Tips
Examples of blogs
Social Network Strategy
You can use these long tail in very attractive headlines, as
10 Social Media Tips Help You Raise Your Sailing Size
5 Social Network Strategies which help you Rank Fast On Google
5 examples of blogs which earn more than thousand dollars a month
And so on,

Just mix the long tail keywords in very attractive titles and do your best in doing articles very close to your titles to earn the trust from both Google and the visitor. 

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