How To Get 1000 Unique Visitors Per Day Through Long Tail Keywords

How To Get 1000 Unique Visitors Per Day Through Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords: Important Tips

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are phrases which people usually use in their search processes when they on their way to purchase something online or take action towards some products on some websites, and as you’re an expert in using your long tail keyword as the visitor ready to complete the purchase from your website. For example we have this long tail keyword of (keyword researcher) which is (keyword researcher preview) when someone read about it and put in mind to buy that software about keyword researcher he'll write that long tail keyword in Google or other search engines (keyword researcher preview) then he will examine the first four or five results which use that phrase, then the result which convinces him, he then be ready to buy it there is a great chance for that article to complete the purchase through it.

Why the Long Tail Keyword is Important?

the relation between long tail keyword and Chinese dragon

Long tail keyword is the main basis of SEO, which will be useless thereafter if you didn't imply the right long tail keywords in your article; without a proper keyword research, everything will be nonsense. Thus, it is your mission to introduce your product which you are about to sell or to e-market for it, in the most common phrases which audience use in purchasing process which indeed long tail keywords which are used by your target audience, which is a little audience in fact so as to can compete in a small market; the competition in it is not so hard or fierce like the main keyword. The longer keyword is the more specific is the higher chance to rank in search engines. You want to have a vacation in Hawaii, your vacation on the big island of it and you have little money and your vacation will be during the summer. So you will uses these phrases or phrases like it: the cheapest prices To Hawaii big island, Hawaii vacation in summer cheapest deals and so on, the result which appear in search results is more specific and more precise and deals particularly with your phrases, in other words they are directed or made for you, and the best site is that one which comes up with your needs, and the competition in introducing particular aims will be few and won't be any were so hard or so fierce and this is what we meant by long tail keyword importance, that the chance of appearing in first pages is so great; thus when you say long tail keyword, you think Chinese dragon with its so long tail, that mean, with long tail keyword you'll be in search engines more and more by variation of different long tail keywords in your one article.

How to Choose the Right Long Tail Keyword?

long tail keyword is the future of digital economy

Actually every phrase which we defined as a long tail keyword is a long phrase the matter so is to choose a long tail keyword so micro which deals with very narrow part of a wide field, for example, the word (e-marketing) is a headword or core word with very high competition, you'll never find any small chance to compete with if you are a small company, but if you deal with a narrow field as that of our site for example(e-marketing reviews) which introduce wide reviews of e-marketing tools) there is a chance to appear or make a brand of your field and have your visitors who come directly to you without passing through different search engines, through crafting articles which use the long tail keywords from that intermediate field.

Long Tail Keywords and Results of Search Engines

Long Tail Keywords and Results of Search Engines

Why is long keyword named with that name?
The head keyword is a concrete keyword, that is to say, the numbers or researchers who search for the keyword like (car) are few but that head keyword has long tail keywords inside it which form more than 70% percent of search processes depend on long tail key, the remained 15 % percent goes to the intermediate keywords, so long tail keyword has a long tail which extends more and more that depends on varieties of phrases that people want to know about. With one long tail keyword you may get less traffic but clear and precise investments and much-aimed researchers from the audience that very close to the point of purchase. The matter so is to find long tail keywords with less competition and lower price in ads campaign so as to not to pay much for every click as the price of it is less than the head keyword, if you desire to make long tail keyword AdWords campaign, but with patient and time everything will perform well, by making a good craft depending on a density of long tail keywords in one article and depending upon organic research from different search engines.

Long Tail Keywords Researches

You can craft wonderful piece of content which inspires and engages readers by helping of long tail keywords
Examples of long tail keywords which attract readers
"Car" is a core keyword
(Best car to buy on amazon) is a long tail keyword which inspires searchers to take action, as he writes it in Google, and finds in your website.
"Keyword" is a core keyword but you can get long tail keywords from it as:
How to find optimized keywords
The best-paid keywords tools

7 Basics To Start Your Successful Niche
"Long tail keyword" is a keyword, but the following are long tail keywords
Three causes to use long tail keywords in your niche
How to earn 1000 $ by using long tail keywords

As your keyword is long (long tail keyword) as your chance to rank well in search engines is great.

Important Tools to Find Long Tail Keyword

To find long tail keywords there are some steps and tools you should use:
1 -The First tool is 7 search tool
 enter your head keyword and the tool will give you suggested long tail keywords
using 7 search tool to get long tail keywords

2 - Using keyword planner tool to find long tail keywords
Type in Google keyword planner "keywords"
Click on keyword tab to get related ideas
Find the most may be researched keywords; then expand that relevant keyword in another search process; you can expand result which you get from 7 search tool or any tool else

Then you can use the long tail keyword in your content; which is more important than the keyword itself as it meets a particular need for the researcher or solves some of his problems; so your long tail keyword should have these two conditions: meet a particular need or solve a problem, then it will rank high in Google comparing with the main keyword.

You may find the best SEO keywords tools from our that article:

 Best SEO Keyword Tools

The third tool to find long tail keywords is the related results suggested by google in the bottom of its page, it is considered as a golden mine to suggest long tail keyword as it is depended upon real phrases with low competition which people searched on google. The best thing in that way that it shows results which google keyword planner don't show when using it to search the keyword you searched on searched on google. To get more and more wonderful long tail keyword, you can put the phrases you get from related search results in google and it will give you other different search results. Sometimes search related to your keyword has two or three results not concerning the keyword you searched on.
here is an example of searches related to the phrase (home garden design)
search related way to find long tail keyword

The most important thing in using Google trends to identify your long tail keyword is that Google trends show you the interests of people concerning your keyword, and that helps you to target keywords which people interested in it day after day and month after month, that mean you should work on the coming keywords, or at least make your SEO campaign to that kind of keywords. As the trends of Google is in high as the keyword is coming keyword and people are interested in your field day after day, and that mean more traffic by days.

5 - Amazon
Amazon is a wonderful tool to find more and more "long tail keywords" in searching inside amazon's books. You can search in books and write the keyword you want to get long tail keywords from it then you can look inside the books particularly in the index of the book or even the contents. The index of the book or the references which the author used to get his information is depended upon subjects which people are interested in. not all the books in amazon show the index or references, search the ones which show them. 

how to use amazon to find long tail keywords

Know Other Important Tools Form Here: 

Long Tail Keyword VS Head Keyword

Long Tail Keyword VS Head Keyword

Descriptive phrases or long-tail keyword meets a precise need and have low competition in comparing with the main keyword or the head keyword; the matter which makes you not to be worried about the high cost of some keywords and you can use them in descriptive phrases or long-tail keywords.

Examples of Long Tail Keywords

long tail keyword is the very determined research phrase as we mentioned later which is derived from the head keyword or the core keyword; we can derive from every sole keyword many of different long tail keywords concerning real products; examine the following: 

Chair (head keyword)
Car chairs (medium keyword)
Nissan car chairs (long tail keyword)
Children clothes
Children red and yellow T-Shirts
Blocks investments
Singapore Blocks investments
Men's shoes
Red Nike Mens running shoes
But not all the researcher or customers of long tail keywords are ready to buy; as some of them want to know more information about the purchase (long tail keyword) and so he made an informational research about the purchase which is an informational keyword.
There is two kind of customers: the first one is not ready yet to buy so his researchers affixes or suffixes as: free, how to, download, tips, no money. The second kind or customers who are ready to buy or purchase and their researchers contain direct keywords have affixes or suffixes like that: review, buy, purchase, discount, deal, shipping, less price, order, coupon.
Then the first kind of researchers target informational keywords and the second one target commercial keyword, and your role so is to imply long tail keywords professionally in your content or your blog like so: informational (free web design, web design ideas) commercial (web design training, award winning web design)

Benefits of writing "long tail keywords" articles or targeting long tail keywords in your article

By making high-quality content target one long tail keyword (longer variations of certain keywords), Google will award you by ranking high your blog, if it contains only 50 or 60 long tail keyword content with high quality.
Making benefit article based on long tail keyword urges visitors to click on your article when searching on Google first page, the matter that makes Google high rank your content if it has a real value to the visitor, then you should avoid duplicating your content as it affects your ranking in Google.

How to rank your content in Google

how to rank your content in Goolge

One of the major ranking factors of your content which perform well in SEO is the on page keyword usage which is in brief consists of the following three points:
How people engage your site
How you describe your content
How other references you
Ranking in Google lies on how people are happy after reading your content and it isn't a big condition how high is the competition of your target head keyword, only write a content of about 2000 or 3000 words targeting a long tail keyword which includes sub-ideas; and by doing so gradually, your search traffic will increase day after day and month after month.
Your page should be designed and arranged to meet the user's mind otherwise anything else will be nonsense even the content itself as more than 90% of websites users first impressed by your page design; and I meant by design is the designing of ideas in the piece of content, should deal with relevant divisions that meet the user's mind.
Targeting long tail keywords on free and paid search actually increase your rate and your page rank in Google, then you have to research benefit long tail profitable keywords and start building your content according to them.
You should target long tail keyword beside the head keyword itself not targeting long tail keywords and ignore the main keyword because your visitor of that keywords come through both short and long tail keyword; because the number of search volume in short tail keyword is weak ad so you have to be patient till you see significant result, so you have to target both long and short keywords
Not over optimize your keyword otherwise you will be penalized by Google through neglecting your site in its results.
Use your targeting long tail keywords in sub-titles and content together, not in subtitles only, that mean you should ignore long tail keywords which are so difficult to be sue naturally and smoothly in content, and if you find one long tail keyword to be used naturally or you can use it naturally and very smoothly in your content, with obliging the content to accept it, then you can use that long keyword in your subtitles; should ignore the spammy long tail keywords (which has no sense or combining of two words which have a far close, such as: buying car and having fun, mobile shipping deals and a words which have a commercial intent without introducing a real value. Google will discover it so easily and consider it as a spam.
The process of your website SEO is a not a matter of days or weeks, that you don't expect to rank well in Google as you type some articles and doing numbers of SEO, but the matter need patience, Don't expect to be on the first page by 10 or 20 weeks, but by more efforts in intensity of articles, backlinks, social signals and other SEO processes you'll feel the results, but the important thing not to lose hope.

An important thing concerning your SEO process in the title of your article, I let you test that thing yourself: write on Google phrase concerning something and look at the results and choose one of the results, and tell me: why you should choose that result? By doing that game you'll have an experience how to make a clickable title even it appears in the fourth or fifth result, the matter need some innovations, briefly the headline should attract the researcher's attention and meets his inner desires or solve his problems, in short put yourself instead of the visitor, and write your headline in a sentencing case that every single of the title should begin with a capital letter as that of me. 

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