Best 20 Keyword Research Tools Used By Marketing Experts

Best 20 Keyword Research Tools Used By Marketing Experts

 best keyword research tools

No denying that keyword is the most important of SEO, and all marketing experts use daily 
tools to find their suitable keywords. You may know some tools and you may be in some confusion to choose the best from them. Here, we'll tell you The Top 20 Keyword Research Tools used by the most famous faces and experts in the marketing world. Actually, we extract this information from many sites we'll put in the resources of the article. Let's begin:

You can see a summary of these important tools in that video

1 – SEMrush

keywords research tools used by experts, no 1 Semrush

The first tool to be used is SEMrsuh which is a toolbox which help you in your business online, by finding profitable long tail keywords which your audience are interested in and the numbers of searches done for them per month; developing your SEO to your website; giving you the correct strategies to build suitable and successful links to your website; facilitate and speed up your online marketing activities; find profitable PPC keywords to bid on; track the ranking of your website whether it goes up or down; know your competitor's strategies to  rank their websites and their.

Semrush Usage

Some of Expert's opinion on SEMrush

For Gael Breton SEMrush is his 1 way to find keywords and know the rank of his competitors.
For Geoff Kenyon it shows him who he is competing with for common keywords, and by knowledge, so he can go into each of those competitors and identify and know the keyword that the competitors pay for them and can use them for his own.
The main cause which makes Adam Conell use SEMrush is that it enables him to search up his competitors and know or get an idea of the keywords which they use and rank for. Moreover, it provides him with keyword difficulty scores and estimated traffic data.
Ian Cleay uses SEMrush to know the keywords which his competitors rank for and then can get some of their traffic.
Mike Ramsey uses SEMrush to know what kind of keywords which brings traffic to his competitors and which keywords have a monetary value to pay for.
SEMrush enables Harris schachter to determine who the business competitors are and who 
the SEO competitors are.

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number 2 keyword research tool used by marketing experts

The second tool of the expert's keyword research tool is that of Giant Google, which is Google keyword planner tool, though the tool is free, but many experts use it and get the great benefit from using it. Keyword Planner Tool is a giant factory for building and making search network campaigns and suggestion of new ideas of keywords and long tail keywords. It helps you in creating new lists of words by mixing several lists of words together, the matter which helps you discover several long tail keywords and get you the avg.monthly search of them and the size of their competition. As experts, it helps them to 
find the keywords to pay for in their paid campaigns.

Some of Expert's opinion on Google Keyword Planner

For Evgeniy that tool is very important as it enable him to identify the long tail keywords for 
his niche and its importance rendered to it as the official tool for Google.
For Freddie Chatt it is the original tool for him and others which provide him with accurate and recent data which google has; it so great in finding additional keywords of the competitors.
For Jason Acidre it has tons of relevant suggestions based on Google and Youtube's database.
For Patrick Coombe, he uses it only, and see that Google Keyword planner makes him leave even the other suitable keywords research tools on the market.
Google keyword planner is the key metric for David Schneider if he want to get and idea of the volume;
the same thing with Joe Williams and he considers it the number 1 tool for its search volume data

Learn Two Important Tips Concerning Google Keyword Planner Tool

the best alternative keyword research tool to Google

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That tool enables online marketers and business owners to analyze the search terms which is related to their business domain by discovering thousands of long tail keywords which are built according to Google's auto suggestions of the field that they work on. Every search depending upon that tool is suggested according to people's wants, needs, and interests. That tool suggests more than 750 long tail keywords for every keyword research, you can 
use that tool free even without creating account

how does keyword tool io work?

Expert's opinion on the tool

why keyword tool io is one of the best keyword research tools?

For Adam Connell the importance of Keyword tool.IO renders for using Google's autocomplete features to generate keywords, and it is a fantastic tool for auto suggest on Google for Joseph Morales.
For Neil Patel: it gives him clear insights of the popularity of his keywords.
Deepak Kanakaraju loves Keyword tool.IO for the unique words that it can come up with and for its automatic work in giving a lot of keywords suggestion in less time based on that of Google and showing the search volume and competition of that keywords.
For Joe Williams Keyword tool.IO saves his time in an unearthing keyword that Google keyword planner omits.
For Venchito Tampon Keyword tool IO generates Youtube ideas that are worth taking a look 
for those who are interested in Youtube SEO.

what is the keyword research tool which helps you to find keywords which are hidden in google keyword planner?

4 – Buzzsumo

third keyword research tool used by marketing expert buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a wonderful indeed which gives you ideas about the most valuable content which are shared on social media. Marketing experts use it for their content marketing and SEO campaigns as it identifies very quickly what content does well, and to identify which topics are related to their businesses. And actually the real meet of Buzzsumo in its content analysis reports with clarifying the numbers of shares for all content which it analyze, and by knowing so you can know which topics were a hit on social networks  

how does buzzsumo work?

Expert's opinion on Buzzsumo

what are the brands, publishers and agencies using buzzsumo?

For Adam Connell it helps him to come up with the daily changes of content marketing and SEO by getting and finding out the content that does well and analyze to find the best to go further and further with his content.

For Jane Kryukova it is number 1 tool, as he uses it every day to get new ideas for his company blog.

 5 – Long Tail Pro

top 20 keyword research tools: long tail pro

Long Tail Pro is a must have tool for any SEO or internet marketer. By using Long Tail Pro you can get more than 800 long tail keywords from one seed keyword. It also can analyze the top 10 results of google first page through finding out the important SERP data such as usage of keywords in title and meta-tag. And provides your with important analyzing concerning page and domain authority, page rank and the age of the domain; by knowing all these you can compete in the first 10 results of your keywords by doing the best more than them when knowing the weak points and avoid them in your site and content.

Some of expert's opinion on Long Tail Pro

For David Schneider it is a great tool when building niche sites.
 For David Arrington he likes it for it keyword competitiveness feature and its ability to check for keyword title competition.
For Matthew Allen he uses in his keyword research 3 tools which are: Long Tail pro, Long Tail Pro and the third one is Long Tail Pro.
For Tim larkin he uses Long Tail Pro to uncover more data on the keyword list to get some keywords which do well.

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the sixth keyword research tool used by marketing experts

Google Trends, launched by Google to show and compare between the popularity of search terms and attitudes and allows you to know the hottest search terms in that time and how that term was before. Though we put that tool among the best keyword research tools, it is not just a keyword research tool, as it isn't designed to give volume researchers of keywords as other tools of keyword research, but it was designed to give a clear insight and paint a complete portrait of the life of keyword phrase in past and present and may be in future. The best thing about that tool besides its genius uses that it is a free tool that anyone can use it for free in any time and know every piece of information without any hiding. 

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how to get more keywords ideas with ubbersuggest

Ubersuggest tool suggests many keywords which are not in the keyword planner tool and can help experts find suitable keywords for their PPC, SEO, and content marketing campaign.  Ubersuggest can provide you with Long Tail keywords as possible as the verities of the alphabet. You can compose your content very easily with Ubersuggest, as it makes you strong brainstorming of that massive long keyword suggestions which suggests to you then you can choose 30 or more to write your SEO article. After writing your keyword you want to get suggested ideas from it, Ubersuggest reveals to you long tail keywords ordered alphabetically, then you can from everyone keyword, as it get you three actions to do with every long tail keywords, you can search that long tail keyword on Google, or know public trends in Google Trends or know co-related suggested other long tail keywords by expanding that long tail keyword.

8 – KWFinder

top 20 keyword research and seo tools : KWFinder

KWFinder help you to find a long tail keyword with highly search volume, and less competition in SEO. By just putting your keyword you want to analyze it, KWFinder will do the rest and give your wonderful information which will help you indeed to know the difficulty of your keyword, and know the best choices suggested to that keyword, everything in numbers. You can know the search volume of your keyword and the difficulty of the main keyword in SEO, and you can filter you search location by determining any place and how that keyword do in that place, and you can filter it also by difficulty (either easy or hard), PPC (either cheap or expensive), CPC (either easy or hard) and search count (either high or low). By using KWFinder you'll discover other wonderful uses by yourself. 

the best SERP analysis tool

If you want to shorten your time and rank fast in Google, you should use Moz Keyword Difficulty tool, by showing the top 10 ranking for your keyword. It shows the difficulty of that keyword and to compete with it or not. You can start it for free for 30 days in trial copy, and you have to register and transfer to premium account. By now the keyword difficulty and the competitor's effort in one keyword, that affects your effort in that keyword and save your time; as you'll know how much efforts you'll take in that keyword to rank high in google and know the time to appear in first page first results. You can export your data in CSV file for further using.

what can Market Samurai keyword research tool do

The best description which I love of Market Samurai, is that it helps you to avoid dead end projects before you begin; as you may has a lot of blogs with less than 10 views a day, and you leave it after weeks and begin another one and so on. Market Samurai shorten that from the very beginning, as it helps you to know your right way and put your feet on the right beginning which leads you to achieve your dream in the success that thought one a day as it very difficult. Market Samurai enables you to avoid the common keyword trap which leads absolutely to failure and ruin all your hard work as it will show you the relevancy of your keywords by its one keyword indicator. It helps you also to build a love SEO article and more, just get the tool and you'll discover more as our experts do their success by the help of that Genius tool

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11 – Word Tracker

how can you reveal high performing keywords in minutes?

Word Tracker helps you to find a keyword which no one competes with, the matter will help you to rank fast in Google and appear on first pages in few days. Word Tracker will help you in your SEO research as it provides you with very useful statics concerning the rate of competition and the search volume of every keyword and also offers you very useful KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index). Word Tracker enables experts to find related search terms that help them to develop a more comprehensive keyword strategy that helps them in their SEOs. Word Tracker helps them also in finding more useful data will help them to be successful in SERPs.

12 – SERP Wow

how to watch out the rank of your site on google?

Choose the best and compete without fear with SERP Wow, as it allows you to be in the first 20 results of your keywords and to access fast on the first pages of search engines. It is actually amazing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ORM (Online Reputation Management). By putting core keyword in the search box, SERP Wow shows you the top 10 in the SERPs of that keyword, and show the related terms of your keyword showing all of these in very easy format to be understood easily by storing your keyword SERPs achieves. 

13 – GrepWords

what is the fastest keyword suggestion tool?

Grepwords is not just a keyword research tool as some other tools, actually it provides  you with the suitable keyword research data, and moreover, there are many other functions of GrepWords which are: query builder to choose the best for you, as by making some queries with you, it reveals you the most important data concerning your keyword which is built according to Google Analytics. Inside it there is a Look Up tool, which enables you to know the history of your keyword for the past 12 months, as well you can look up thousands of keywords in seconds. Tags Finder is the third wonderful tool inside GrepWords, as it reveals you after passing a huge amount of content, the most important tags used in that article. Discover more function by yourself from here.

14 – SEcockpit

how to Find Profitable Keywords and Analyze Your Competition ?

Secockpit is a paid tool, but you can start your free trial for 30 days. By suing Secockpit, you can get more information concerning your researched it analyzes your keyword and finds the most valuable keywords in seconds, and find better keyword opportunities than your competitors. It is a compatible software suitable for any device and any operating system and runs faster than any other keyword research tools. Secockpit helps you in your successful SEO operation from finding the suitable keywords passing by setting up your successful campaign and keeping track with your activities and back links. Know more about Secockpit from here

what is bright edge Global data cude?

No one denies the importance of content in digital marketing, but even the best piece of content is good but cannot be reached or well optimized, the effort on it will vanish, and the effort will waste without any benefit. BrighEdge DataCude does the best for your content and reaches it to ROI, as it optimizes the content and measure campaign based on actual content performance. By using BrightEdge Data Cude you'll understand the demand of your audience and the best of pieces of contents will rank well and then you can do your best in your content in light. This isn't everything, the BrightEdge Data Cude do more and more, just use it and discover the other merits. 

what is the best tool to discover your bad links and your competitor's good links?

MonitorBacklinks besides its wonderful usage in monitoring your keywords on google and comparing your rank with your competitors, it has several wonderful functions concerning SEO, as it watches out the back links concerning your site and your competitors, and referring traffic from each back link, and get you information concerning Moz rank, page authority and domain authority. By knowing what is happening to your website out you, you'll discover more keywords besides other information which help you to rank more and more on Google first results, and by looking at your competition and know what is rank and what isn't rank, you will know more information about anchor texts and back links and your rankings as well. 

 17 – WordStream

functions of keyword research tool

Away from interfacing Google Adwords, WordStream will help you in your paid campaign and save your time on searching the suitable keywords for your paid campaign in Adwords, as the work that you will make in weeks to find your keywords, will make in minutes, moreover it is a complete suite which helps you in your SEO campaign and management your PPC. By doing so, it will help you to increase your AdWords performance and will help you to more knowledgeable about PPC, keyword research, and SEO campaigns. WordStream suggests to you the suitable long tail keywords most researched and very suitable for your paid campaigns; as there is a strong co-relation between WordStream and industry leading products such as Google AdWords and Google analytics.

18 – Ahrefs

the importance of Ahrefs tools

Though it is the most important tool in backlink analyses Ahrefs used by most famous experts in e-marketing such as Neil Patel as a keyword research tool. Ahrefs is the most suitable keyword in pursuing the links of your competitors then identifying what are the suitable keywords for your site. Ahrefs has many suites inside its package as it has site explorer, positions explorer, content explorer, position tracker, crawl report and Ahrefs reports. As you are more expert as you can function all Ahref's tools in finding your keywords besides its other usages. 

19 – SpyFu

what is spyfu keyword research tool?

SpyFu helps you to find the most profitable keywords for both ad and organic research, and it is very easy to use and introducing reports of keyword researchers. It shows you for the domain you're searched on, every sole keyword which that domain paid for its ads on Google AdWords, and every sole keyword which responsible for the domain organic audience. This actually affects you in increasing your site's traffic by targeting the most suitable and profitable keywords and help you to rank well on Google besides its importance in your SEO campaign.

20 – BulkWords

how to Generate tons of keywords for your online marketing campaigns and SEO in minutes.?

This tool is a real factory in suggesting tons of keywords which is very suitable, very useful and very important in your SEO campaigns, as it suggests to your hundreds, but thousands of long tail keywords which is very effective for both your SEM and SEO campaigns. Moreover, it generates tons of very important long tail phrases which depended upon many important search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. 


You can then choose which tool is suitable for you and which one is suitable for your demands. for me the best free and effective keyword tool and still be is "Google keyword Planner" Which I use it gradually help me promoting my content by choosing the most relevant keywords for me; it is the best of the free tools. for the paid tools, you can choose what is suitable for your budget and work, and you can tell me in comments which tool gets you wonderful results. 


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