Top 10 Sites Which Pay You 100$+ For Your Articles

Top 10 Sites Which Pay You 100$+ For Your Articles

Top 10 Sites Which Pay You 100$+ For Your Articles

As you are a talent writer as your words is very precious; your talent is the main judge for how can you earn from your articles. You may choose to write on your site, and actually, that is a good choice, but we have for you 10 sites which are the best to pay, the best to promote your brand and the most to push you and your site forward. By writing for these sites, you will be very creative because they don't accept everything, they choose the good and best, you'll learn more by writing for them and earn more. We choose these sites according to certain criteria:
They pay you 100$+ for your one article
They let you put your site's link in the biography at the bottom; and every article you write, you'll get a strong backlink to your website in return.
They are the most trusted sites according to their publisher's experience.
It is your chance now to catch three birds with only one stone. Let's have a look and give me your opinion if you have sites better than them:

10 - Vice

Niche: General
Founded in 1994, vice was a print magazine and in 1996 it makes its website as then it turned formally to in 2007 which focus on news topics besides arts, cultures, music, food, fashion and technology; and if your article is accepted online it will be on both the website and the print magazine. For so, and as it is a big site it will be very difficult, but actually not impossible, to be accepted with them and vice's team won't respond you before at least three months if you contact them online. Vice is a growing company so it won't accept you as easily as you expect, so expect to be refused, or you should make something different and very attractive for your story which you are intending to send them; their box is full of thousands of stories like yours, you should so try to compose the very attractive pitch for them. Like "" Vice has many channels subtitles-titles referring to its sections. Besides writing, vice offers you new jobs concerning vice media in US, UK, Germany and Canada.  
Know more: Here

9 - Blastingnews

Niche: Business, News, Tech, Lifestyle, Sport and World
With more than 100 million users, your chance to grow virally will be great and your earnings won't stop; the system of Blastingnews is different from other freelance system as it pays you according to your articles' views; the more people read your articles the more earnings you will gain. By accepting your article, Blastingnews will get you 5$ and the rest will come according to how your article will perform in the future, it will pay you as your article is viewed and according to the audience type; audience form US, AU, NZ, CA, UK and GB is of highly paid cash other than the rest audience form other countries; for example, by 10000 view of one of your articles from the previous countries you can earn exactly 60$ and it will be every month if your article gets the same number of views every month. You can write in these fields: Business, Lifestyle, News, Tech, Opinion, Sport, World, and Showbiz & TV. You can write as little or as much as you wish; there is no specific number of words of your article, you can write as little as 300 words of your article or more than this. And to start gain money from Blastingnews your content much reach at least 150 unique visitors.
Know more: Here

8 -

Niche: General is a deep knowledge site owned by New York Times, and to write for "" you should be a special kind of writers that has a highly self-motivated manner and with a deep passion for your topic area; know almost all aspects of your knowledge era to persuade your readers you know well what you want to learn them; I assume that they may want from their writers their knowledge certificate. Starting with "" you'll choose in the beginning your knowledge era you are experienced in such as Travel, style, food, dating & relationship, entertainment, news & issues and others, thereafter, you should show your skills and experience by very killing about articles. The size of your article is not specific and it depends on in the article and how you cover all of its aspects; the word count doesn’t matter; if you can cover your article's information in 200 words that will be sufficient. In the beginning "" was paying its writers every month, but now the way of payment has changed as it pay according to topic starting from 50$ per one article to 100+$. Moreover articles, you can produce videos and share them on it and you will be paid 250$ per your genuine video, and you will be paid bi-weekly in the 15th and 30th of every month, your payment will be through a direct deposit.
Know more: Here

7 - Digital Ocean

Niche: Linux
With Digital Ocean, you need to be expert to some great extend in technology in general, and Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting privately; you can write also about Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora or any of the other Linux ecosystem; At the same time, you don't need to be very experienced in writing like other knowledge fields; all you need to have in addition to your experience and technical knowledge in Linux is a friendly, concise and formative style in writing with a clear explanation- Put in mind to write from the site about Digital Ocean's writing guidelines- By having these skills, your opportunity to be accepted in Digital Ocean will be great and you'll receive your 200$ for your accepted article via PayPal. And with more than million unique page views of Digital Ocean, your article will spread like a mad and you'll receive a reasonable amount of backlinks for your own brand. 
Know more: Here

6 -

Niche: General (in a comic manner)
Cracked is considered the most famous and popular comic site on the planet, including besides comic articles other types of articles; just introduce even if your very serious ideas in a comic way; or what you can call "educational comedy", you can have a look of the cracked articles to see how can you compose your coming article and how cracked shows its articles. Cracked not only shares written articles, but also shares videos, infographics and photoshops. Cracked is famous for its list style feature articles, so it is your great chance if you are interested in writing that kind of articles. You can pursue how your article is doing on "cracked" by seeing how many its views upon your article, and you can calculate how many visitors you can gain to your article through your link in your bio by the views of your articles; all you need to do is a good humor article with your own private ideas. Cracked pays you 100$ for your accepted article, video or infographic, you'll be paid via PayPal.
Know more: Here

5 - Tuts plus

Niche: code, design, illustration, photography, web site creation, etc.
One of the most trusted sites of pay per writing because it is a very specialized site; not everyone can share in tutsplus, to share in that site you should be prepared well in these fields: code, design, illustration, photography, web site creation, designs and illustrations, business, arts, music and audio, 3D Motion Graphics or other related subjects; everything is tutsplus is great, so they won't accept anything. Sharing in tutsplus, you'll have one of two choices, either you teach a course or make a tutorial. Teaching a course, you have to create 90 minutes video based teaching of a certain skill from start to finish, and you should divide your video course into chapters or sections. Creating a tutorial, you have to create a tutorial of the previous fields in a screencast or a written format which inspires people to improve their technical and creative skills. You'll be paid via PayPal or Moneybookers 100$ for your video course and 50$ for your tutorial pieces. Moreover, you can refer to your own site in your bio.
Know more: Here

4 - FreshBooks

Niche: growing business
FreshBooks is an online service for creating crazy invoices grow your business and wow your customers; it is a paid service for a certain audience, that isn't important for you as a freelance; the most important and essential factor of FreshBooks is that you can gain some cash and have a living writing  using  FreshBooks freelance system. Besides, you can use their paid service. You should have a business view in growing and creating your business and how to make it effective for your customers; FreshBooks needs those writers who are interested in business writing like: starting a small business, small business advices, productivity, tax and finance.  If you are one of those you will become one of their community and you'll be paid 200$ per your unique single article with a length of 800+ word. Like other specialized sites, FreshBooks is one of the very trusted living writing sites as it needs a specific sort of freelance. You can grow and promote your own business by leaving a link to your site at the bottom of your article in your bio.
Know more: Here

3 - Smithonian

Niche: general
With Smithonian, you can choose to write for their website or their magazine, and according to its reviews you'll probably to choose to work for them full time, as it is a great and trusted organization. To participate in Smithonian, you have to contact them either to their website or their magazine and send a pitch for your article plus your specific information, and when they accept it, they'll contact you to send the rest of your article. The maximum length of your pitch is 250, and due to the huge volume of submissions, the response for you will be late. Writing for Smithonian, you can choose one field of these knowledge fields: science, history, art, culture, travel, and innovation, to be accepted you should send your pitch in a story-like shape. You'll be paid 0.50$ per word; for your accepted 300 word article you'll be paid 150$. You can put a link to your site in your bio.
Know more: Here or Here

2 - Travel and leisure

Niche: travel and countries
Travel and leisure magazine is one of the most trusted magazine which pays for travel writing and Believe or not believe, you will be paid 1$ per word; or 1000$ per your 1000 word accepted article about travel and countries; or about unique travel experience and if they accept your article about travel and countries they will determine the way they'll pay you. If you are interested in countries and loving travel you can write in an interesting way your journeys around the world and describe the countries you visit. If you want to write for that magazine, you should see how the articles on their first page is introduced, and try to send them a pitch like those articles or in the same style or have almost the same criteria. Though that magazine doesn’t have a specific online submission, 95% of its content is written by freelances. 
Know more: Here

1 - Listverse

Niche: general
Listverse is one of the most trusted site of list style articles; choose to write for Listverse, you should organize your article in an interesting  list shape of ten things, every one of these tens have one or two sufficient paragraph. Everything is clear with Listverse, all what you have to do is to organize your article in a shape list of ten things, send it to them, and if they reply to you by accepting you'll be paid 100$ per your list article of more than 1500 words and you'll be paid via PayPal, if they decline your article, they will contact also inviting you to try another thing; as what you send to them is not suitable for the site or a content which they are not interested in. you can promote and strength your site with a very trusted backlink by a link that you'll leave in your bio under your article.
Listverse receive more than 150 lists every day, and it chooses only 3, so the competition will be very fierce and you should do your best in your list before sending it to List verse and put in mind the right category they accept, you should read carefully writing lists guidelines from here:
They don't accept lists from the following categories: self-help, opinion, product rankings or reviews, money making guides, personal experience stories, health advice, gaming, sports, music, TV, movies, and animals.
1. The list is too short, too long, or does not have ten items
2. The list requires too much editing (poor English or lack of proofing is usually the reason)
3. The topic is already covered on Listverse or the Internet in general
4. The topic is simply not in keeping with the style of content we publish


Choosing to write for your own site is the best choice as we mentioned, but it needs money more than effort and the gains will come thereafter, but choosing to write with others is gaining you a very fast benefit, which can help you to do your best with your site and invest some cash to promote your won site. Just choose the very suitable site for your niche and be sure that it is still paying to its writers as most sites get rid of their freelances and replaced them with a cast team; choose to write and know carefully its writing guidelines, then you can start your first steps on these sites. If you know any site which still pay to its writers, please mention it in the comments.

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