Short Content VS Long Content on Google Ranking (My Own Observations)

Short Content VS Long Content on Google Ranking (My Own Observations)

Short Content VS Long Content on Google Ranking

Is it better to write long articles or short articles to rank on Google? Or by another way: is it better to write more short articles or few long articles to rank on search engines and start to appear on the first page?
As a reader do you prefer long content or short content in general?
And as a writer or a publisher what kind of content you love to write and feel your leads come from?
Here are my observations concerning long content vs short content:
I noticed that most of the articles on the first page in Google from long articles.
Most of the long articles are epic pieces with great likes and shares.

long content shares on social media

In certain keywords, there are short articles results before those of long articles.
The short articles are from sites with high domain authority
There are some of the short articles which appear on the first page from low domain authority sites according to the competition of its keywords.
To know all the necessary points concerning a subject, you'll actually go the long article and Google put that factor on its algorithm, it provides you with the full knowledge concerning research keywords.
When searching that subject its self "long articles vs short articles" all the results comes from articles exceeds 1500 words.
Short articles need the genius to go directly to the core of subject and cover its main points like that blog

The short articles which appear on Google are very creative articles.
If you don't care to create very highly epic content, you'll lose your reader's attentions after only 700 words.
The short content is only read by a handful of people and only a few short articles are read and shared by hundred thousands of people.
The short content builds its traffic from social media, not from search engines.
Long content gets more shares and more links.


As you can see, my content here is short content because it depends upon personal observation through my surf on the web concerning marketing content and digital marketing, if get something new from that short content please leave a comment. And tell me as a publisher do you love long or short content.

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