The Influencer's Strategy and How to Use it to Increase Your Reach

The Influencer's Strategy and How to Use it to Increase Your Reach 

 The Influencer's Strategy

The web is like the ocean and it becomes bigger day after day and if your brand doesn't  come up with the daily challenges of the web, you'll remain just a tiny fish in that very crowded ocean, you should struggle to turn your name into a household name either you'll vanish and completely and you'll leave all your business on the web, it is not easy, I agree with you, to make yourself a memorable brand which is searched for and to do so there is one among some effective ways which is "influencer sharing strategy" I mean that you should find an influencer and persuade him to share your product then most of the public will share you, that is the strategy in brief, but it isn't very easy as you can imagine when reading that but it isn't impossible, it is a way which has a certain rules if you follow step by step, you can persuade one of the famous influences to share you on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Vine. I have a personal experience when one of the influencers on YouTube  shared one of my videos on her account on Twitter, then all her fans like it and has a huge video views, but alas as that video has no product, it is just a video about touring, and if that influencer on Twitter shared one of my product videos, for example, my earning will be thousand dollars per hour, that is the fact, believe me.
The strategy of "marketing influencer" depends on finding the suitable influencer for the same field of you, you can find them through the famous blogs of the same niche of your or the famous YouTubers or the famous faces on Twitter. You can use Buzzsumo to know what is the most shareable now on the different social media, then know how huge the influencers are. After finding the suitable influencers the second step is to connect with them through emails from their blog by sending a private message telling them that you are following them and their articles on their blogs or their video on their YouTube channels or whatever their shares were. It is not expected to be accepted from the first email or by some influencers as their email boxes are full of proposals like you and from thousands of need to help beginners, then you should offer something they feel not regret when sharing them with their followers. You should build a great relationship with influencers to feel that it was a great decision to sharing your posts by adding new things to your articles, you should tear your eyes and heart writing plus articles with something wonderful or innovative if you want them to share you.


Influencer's strategy like a finance support for your project, the supporter who provides his support, provides it for another something in return. He won't pay his money for free, he pays graciously to earn very graciously, it is just a finance case, and just you can find the suitable influencer try to contact with him not in an ordinary way and like Vito Corleone make him an offer he can't refuse, this is everything in brief.    

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