Email Marketing or SEO, Which Will Dominate In The Future?

Email Marketing or SEO, Which Will Dominate In The Future?

email marketing vs SEO

Since when do you write and struggle with SEO to get some benefits of the first pages by showing some of your articles on the first page? The very professional answers from the professionals won't be less than months, and that is the truth. SEO is very connected with Google algorithm which is very complicated for beginners, and those who dominate it since years will be impossible to come up with their keywords if they work less than you. Moreover, those who dominate SEO use it for strengthening their email list; they know that the money in email list, but for you if you can't supreme SEO you should find alternatives for SEO to build your email list.
But why that great interest of the "email list"?
Do you know that the world email accounts have grown to 5 billion and email users to 2.7 billion? But that mean?
It means shortly that there is a growing interest in the emails and messages which come to those emails, and with comparing with the rest of marketing channels, there is no need for more impressions or any additional cost to click on the message of their inboxes for your email subscribers. And by spending only 200$ you can generate from your email list subscribers of 23k, more than 80K visits, comparing with SEO you need to spend 1000$ to get the same number of visits, and on the other hand SEO visitors won't be as loyal as those of your email list; getting traffic from email list is 30 time cheaper and 20 times easier than SEO as transactional emails have 8x  more clicks and opens than any other types of emails and can generate 6x revenue than any other marketing channels. Here is the ROI rate of every 1$ spent on the email list comparing with the other marketing channels: 

Learn from here the most effective and smartest ways how to get more subscribers for your email list

But there is a great challenge will face email list marketers which are the low rate of opens

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We have wide guidelines to increase the rate of opening clicks of the email list we sum up in the following posts:

1) Make your own email list  
That mean that you mustn't purchase an email list as it will be untargeted and the result finally will be opt-out of it, purchasing an email list is an easy losing money way. It will harder to build your own email list by urging someone to give you his email but the results thereafter will be great.

2) Purge your list

There are among your list subscribers those who never open your emails, try to unsubscribe them from your list, the case of the email list isn't a case of numbers anyway, it is a case of interaction, purge it to make your list healthy and don't make the numbers deceive you.

3) Try a double opt-in

By making your subscribers to get two from these emails. In general marketers are fear of that strategy feeling that they lose many chances of subscribing, but remember that most subscribers use their inactive emails and those who will give you double emails are careful of subscribing to your email list.

4) Don't disturb your subscribers

By sending more useless emails to your subscribers that may lead to opting-out; don't over resend useless emails, instead, send or three very beneficial emails a week.

 5) Avoid spam words in your content

Be aware of purging your content from spam words, as it leads to considering your content as a spam and it affects the strength of your email list and the strength of your domain as well.

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 6) Use attractive titles

Using attractive titles affects greatly in opening your emails; subscribers won't open unattractive titles and most of them write the content of a very attractive title.

Learn from here how to create very attractive titles 

You can test your headlines from here 

7) Run a test of your email list

By testing your email list of certain technical grounds such as DKIM, HTML format, SPF, Bounce Domain and other important things, you can use free tools achieving you that aim from here

8) Resend unopened emails

By resending the same email to the subscribers who don't open it you can increase the reach of your email list by 55%, and you'll get new people opening your old messages without any efforts to create new messages.

9) Select the suitable time

By testing the suitable time for your subscribers' opening their emails you can choose the best time for re-sending them your email in their recipient's box and ignore any numbers or any studies such as " the best time for opening emails is from 10 am to 5 pm" you should test yourself which time your subscribers read your emails and send yours in that time.

10) Segment your list

According to your subscribers' interest you should segment your email lists according to many criteria including demographic data, behavioral data, customer sign update (including your best customers and onboarding new users) and customer email client data (including which device they open emails from and which time they want to receive new emails) such segment increase the rate of opening your emails by 15%.

11) Keep your list warm

By sending regular emails not only in the time of a new product you want your subscribers to buy; by sending free profitable information and free highly benefit products will keep your list warm and will strengthen your relation with your subscribers and increase the potential chances to buy the coming paid products.


By increasing the rate of sign up on email accounts it means an ongoing interest of email lists, and you shouldn't leave that chance without increasing your targeted email list by any way or another, and you should promote your own tools to be sure if your subscribers are interested in you or not. You can share us your strategies in a comment to enrich the knowledge and get multiple information will benefit you before the others. 


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