How To Promote A Facebook Video Ad With The Least CPM

How To Promote A Facebook Video Ad With The Least CPM

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Promoting your content depends upon promoting your ads and your SEO tools, and Facebook Media is considered one if not the best Paid and free (thereafter) tool to promoting your content and increase the rate of its reach. And from launching the autoplay video on its interface, Facebook videos turned to be with great important and reach to uncountable audience, and as the video is shareable as the reach is high, but promoting video ads on Facebook is so expensive, so we'll mention here some hacks which helps you to pay less and earn much from your Facebook video ads.

1 – Test Your Video

Before spending a penny in your video, test it by sharing it on different social media; create three or more videos and compare them and choose the best one who gets the highest engagement, the highest average length of viewing, the highest leads, and the highest rate of conversion. Then you can know from the very beginning which video will go viral on Facebook.

2 – Make it 2 Minutes only

Video of 2 minutes or less is the most shareable videos on Facebook and of the highest rate of conversion, and the most foolish video is that exceed 12 minutes according to many types of research, and the engagement falls down after the second minute then it stabilizes between 6 and 12 minutes, so you should create the shortest and smartest videos of 2 minutes length or less.

3 – Sale without Being Salesy

One of the most disturbing things of Facebook users that they feel that there are login Amazon because of the great amount of products ads which they face on their pleasurable platform, people use Facebook to spend a cherry time and not to buy or sell, I mean most of the people, so when they face an ad they becomes angry, and I'm one of those people, so sell your product or service without making it seems like an advertisement. But how you can achieve so by making your video in a case of storytelling or introduce it in a humoral way or teach something within it.

4 – Add a Caption to your video

Video with a caption is shareable 12 times more than that with no caption. A caption is a very effective way that adds a sound to the video, it is the real sound of the video before playing it and urge the user to play it, then share it. The caption will improve the engagement and lower your CPM.


That age of marketing is the age of viewing, and as the visual effect is obvious in your media as your conversion is high and the Facebook platform is the right place to overreach your visual messages and (products) doing the previous steps will help you to save your money and increase your sales.

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