Best SEO Tools: BrightLocal

Best SEO Tools: BrightLocal

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BrightLocal is the best-recommended tool concerning local SEO and is used by a reasonable number of experts to maintain or guard their local SEO search concerning their business. You can compare your ranking comparing with others in many locations by "Tracking Search Rankings" as that tool of "BrightLocal" provides you with determined results and reports of ranking trends for multiple locations by tracking hundred of keywords on several search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The "Citation Burst Tool" of BrightLocal will let you an easy access to the important locations signals for a huge portion of your clients and help you to build new and accurate business listings and remove duplicate citations and listings. With local SEO audit you'll get 6 important reports concerning the local citations and pinpoints in the powerful sites which  you are missing in your site and these reports concerning: social media, On-site SEO, Off-site SEO, search rankings, Citations+NAP and Google+local; and with another important tool concerning local ranking which is Google Local Audits you will receive key local ranking signals which will boost your rankings. With many other SEO tools inside BrightLocal Package, you'll be in a safe position concerning your Local SEO in particular. You can test it for two weeks as a trial, as it is a fermium product and thereafter you can choose a suitable plan for your business: single business, multi business or SEO pro. 

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  1. Brightlocal is the best we have to perform Local SEO for local business. I'll recommend you to add one more tool in your list named "webmaster toys Free SEO Tools". It helps you to analyze your website at free of cost.


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