Best SEO Tools: Alexa

Best SEO Tools: Alexa

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Alexa is one of the most famous SEO tools in tracking websites, and it has nearly the most famous sites arrangement, and for beginners Alexa has only that function of site ordering, but, the thing which they don't know as it is one of the best SEO tools in keyword research, competition analyzing and site audit, and on page SEO. You can try 7 days free for nearly all Alexa tools and discover yourself what you can benefit from these tools, and in general, we  sum up the main functions of these tools as follows. The first tool which faces you in Alexa is the "Site audit tool" which helps in improving SEO by finding and fixing the technical SEO errors which hinder your ranking and uncover you unknown opportunities to make your site easily found in the search. The second tool is "keyword research tool" uncover also for you the best and most suitable keywords for your site and business. And with the third tool which is " On page SEO checker," you will maximize your on page SEO by following easy items. The fourth tool of Alexa's main tools is "competitive intelligence tools" and it is for tracking "very intelligently" your competitors, and so you can get visibility in the performance of other sites by getting you a lock of the traffic volume and quality of other websites.

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