What You Need To Know About Site Audit

What You Need To Know About Site Audit

What you need to know about site audit

For many users, especially the nonspecialist or the beginners, the term Site Audit, is about adding some keywords to your title tags and content and header tags and getting few backlinks, then you can rank easily and by so, you fix your errors and make a site audit. The matter isn't so, we have here important tips, concerning site Audit, may change your mind about that term, and we tried as possible to them it up.

What is Site Audit?

Site Audit is a complete analysis of your site concerning its visibility on search engines and analyzing all the factors which hinder your visibility, as you desire according to your site content and effort, on search engines, and the causes which weaken your conversion rate of your products or other affiliate programs which you are running on your website.

Site Audit elements

Site Auditor as we said is the key to know and fix your SEO issues which affect negatively your appearance on search engines. That key has many several elements we sum up as follows:
The indexed page of your website and is your main page or home page is shown in search results when searching with its name; if your homepage doesn't appear in search results, that may render to a poor site or errors concerning internal links in your site.
The organic landing pages of your site if it is the same number as Google analytics, it is a view or a pointer to the number of valuable indexed pages on search engine Google.
Detecting of your landing page is a mobile friendly or not by doing a mobile search of them, if they don't a appear on mobile results, it will affect you negatively on the number of organic searches.
Besides the previous points, we have many Site Auditor Issues every one of them has its secondary elements which affect you SEO. These issues like On-page optimization, content, duplicate content, accessibility and indexation, internal linking and site architecture, site speed, technical issues, mobile and analytics, the quality of backlinks, schema, URL structure, meta issues. These site Audit issues and other come under one of these four main SEO audits:
1) Technical Audit: concerning the speed of your site and if it is well coded or not.
2) On-site Audit: concerning content and the proper keyword usage.
3) Off-site Audit: concerning anchor text and backlinks.
4) Social Audit: concerning visibility and current mention.  

How to embed A Site Auditor tool in your website

My Site Auditor is a tool for that purpose. You can embed that tool which is free for ten days, to do such fantastic things concerning site audit, as it allows you generate more leads by catching their emails or phone numbers when someone uses it to make his site audit., getting you email notifications. Letting others do their site audit in your site actually strength your site and make a lot to bookmark it. 

Site Audit Tools

One of the best Site Audit tools is Semrush Site Audit, and the tool is one of other SEO tools of Semrush packages tools, you can try it, and course the other tools, for fourteen days with a limited usage and characteristics. Semrush Site Audit will help you to find and fix your on-site issues and boost site optimization by checking your site health, prioritizing your SEO issues and deciding what to fix first and tracking your SEO optimization progress.
There are many SEO tools which have Site Audit tool as the main tool in its packages, we mentioned that of Semrush as one of the best, and there are many other tools have that tool like that of Raven Tools, which also is so effective in detecting SEO issues of your site and helping in fixing them.

Free Site Audit Tools

That SEO Audit tool of zadroweb is completely free and will gather you a good deal of information from trusted sites like MOZ and Semrush, and make your site Audit free concerning many points in your site like Page authority, domain authority (actually from Moz), listing your top 10 keywords (from Semrush), provide you with Google page speed and many technical aspects like such like sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, and you can download a PDF report concerning your site audit. Have a look in it. It is wonderful and free.


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