Best SEO Tools: Spyfu

Best SEO Tools: Spyfu

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Spyfu is a search analytic tool which shows the paid and organic keywords of any site, in other words, it shows you how much your competitors pay for their keywords on Google AdWords, and the keywords which they appear organically on search results with them. By showing your CPC and search volume statics of keywords of any site, Spyfu gives you an approximate data of how that site spends on his keywords and ad campaigns. You can see and discover more about your competitors and see every ad campaign changes in the last 10 years, a thing which gives your overwhelming view of how that site go and use its keywords. By knowledge of such data, you'll be able to find the very profitable and successful keywords that you can use your probable ad campaigns, and put away the bad keywords, and then you can save more time in the right choose from the very beginning of the keywords that will do. In fact, keyword research is one of its numerous SEO tools, as Spyfu is developed to have many functions concerning SEO such as SEO research, keyword research, PPC research, backlinks, list builder, tracking, and reports. By using such tools, Spyfu uncovers very profitable keywords which are hidden from your competitors' eyes, you can use them in your contents and leap with them over your competitors. 

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