Best SEO Tools: Semrush

Best SEO Tools: Semrush

what is semrush

Semrush is one of the best marketing tools all over the web, and for many digital marketers it is the best SEO tool which they can do without, and this for its easy to use interface and dashboard, and for its many and very effective functions concerning keyword research, tracking competitors, backlink and advertising research, site audit and many other very important functions for SEO and for every want to success digital marketer. Semrush it a general SEO tool which can do for your site a complete SEO audit. One of the best important parts concerning SEO is "keyword research" and Semrush is the master of it as Semrush can help you to know which keywords are best for your site and how your competitors ranking for the same keywords of yours, then you can decide what keyword to work with and how to rank on different search engines your successful, effective and less competitive keywords. Besides, Semrush is a complete case concerning all SEO issues. It allows your 14 trail days, in a fermium usage; you can know a general view of how that great tool works.

Users' Good Experience Using Semrush (positive Semrush Reviews)

We have here the most famous positive reviews for high-quality users of Semrush and their opinion after using that tool

Comparing websites in useful SEO metrics

The ability of Semrush in comparing clients' websites in useful key metrics like Domain strength, SERP results, back links and the information which help you to get through both organic and paid research

Brad Friedman (Currently works for The Friedman Group, LLC, a company in the Marketing and Advertising industry, that has 2-10 employees)

Determining the which keywords are the best

Semrush uncovers you what kinds of keywords you can use in your articles or build your articles according to them to rank rapidly in Google and give you accurate information about backlinks and competitor backlinks.

Dave Chesson (Chief Kindlepreneur | Best Selling Author | SEO Hatter | Online Marketing Ninja. Helping Authors Become Marketers)

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