Best SEO Tools:

Best SEO Tools:

Majestic is a SEO software package with many highly valuable SEO tools concerning site explorer, search explorer, keyword checker, backlink history, URL submitter, competitive link analysis, website traffic analysis and other benefit SEO tools. The important part of Majestic tools is that part concerning link building, so if you are interested in building links, majestic will be your exclusive tool and the best in that field.  There are 14 majestic tools you can use them for all SEO operations; with Site explorer tool you can explore a domain or a URL with great details, you can also discover the referring domains and backlinks with the Bulk backlink checker, and with the Compare tool you can compare up to 5 domains, and the search explorer you can see and know the page title and URL which appear concerning certain domains or sites, you can send and add your URLs to the different crawl using the RUL submitter tool, and the keyword checker you can search for a keyword or a phrase and see how many times I appears and you can get the search volume of every single keyword or phrase, you can, moreover, see extended information concerning your verified sites by Webmaster tool of Majestic. Concerning Majestic pricing there are three different plans, monthly and annually, you can choose what is very suitable to your SEO needs. 

majestic price annual plan

majestic price monthly plan

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