SEMrush review: What You Need to Know

SEMrush review: What You Need to Know


Semrush is considered one of the best tools in SEO and keyword research, as it gives in front of your eyes very important statics and keywords concerning any domain or any url you want to examine to know how it works with keywords, backlinks, CPC campaigns and other important features.

What is Semrush?

It is a platform which works to identify different trends that happen within your niche, or any niche you choose to analyze, identifying a variety of keywords, audit your on page SEO, check rankings and back links. Semrush is known for its top-rated keyword research, business intelligence and online competitor analysis software. SEMrush offers a variety of metrics to help you understand your competition, general market and industry. You can use our tool to help develop your advertising strategy and determine the general direction of your business. Semrush program requires no download and is subscription-based.  
Semrush has offices in two major cities (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and St. Petersburg, Russia) and more than 270 dedicated full-time employees.

Semrush Interface

Semrush have four main jobs which offers in its interface which are:
Keyword analytics, Domain analytics, projects and my reports.
Keyword analytics for analyzing metrics of popular search phrases and conducting SEO and PPC keyword research.
Domain analytic for analyzing keyword statics and traffic of any domain or url. You can add a domain or url and monitor its performance in any country, just choose it and see how that domain ranks in it.  
Projects to audit, track and monitor the visibility and health of a domain's digital marketing efforts.  
My reports to create custom reports that combine research from SEMrush's Domain Analytics, Keyword Analytics, and Projects sections into a deliverable PDF.
There is a new beta job which has been added to raise Semrush function to 5, which is "Lead Generation Tool"
Here you can see these factors

what is semrush : semrush interface

the new tool you can see it here 

semrush new interface


Features and Specifications

From G2crowd we gather important reviews based on reviewers' opinions, and put them as features and specifications of Semrush .We'll divide these Features and Specifications of Semrush into 4 main areas based on G2crowd reviews which are: advantages, disadvantages, benefits you can get and recommendations. Let's begin with its advantages.


1 - The most essential feature of SEMRush working in SEO is measuring the sites' organic rankings for keywords.
2 - The competitive analysis features of SEMRush enables you to view a competitor's paid search keyword list. 
3 - The ability to compare a client's website to its competition.
4 - Unlike Ahrefs, SEMrush is much easier to use. It does an amazing job of showing you the keywords your competitors are ranking for and potential traffic you could gain by writing content on that particular keyword.  
5 - The dashboard system works quite well to see at a glance how clients are doing.
6 - SEMRush is very good at tracking and displaying ranking and historic ranking data.
7 - The ability to input a domain and receive a list of the keywords that website is currently ranking for.
8 - The easy to read dashboards give you the information you need at a glance. Being able to see how your website, keywords, and backlinks stand up to your competitors is so valuable. 
9 - SEMrush is, as his name stands for, a great tool to work with when you’re managing an Adwords account. You can easily get a list of relevant keywords that will help you build a high-performance campaign.
10 - SemRush is very user friendly and provides very good information about SEO content. It also provides a good amount of historical data.


1 - You can't connect SEMRush with your Google Analytics or Google Adword.
2 - Sometimes there is a disparity between search volume for an exact match on SEMrush and Google's keyword planner.
3 - The cost of running the API is quite high and you have to top of your credits. 
4 - The pricing is a bit steep for a small company.
5 - The free version is very limited (few results). And the version at 70 $ / month is not enough if you have mulilingual or lots of keywords (several businesses)
6 - Limited database, they don't have data on all countries.
7 - The backlink data is either outdated or wrong. It is 60% of what Ahrefs tells us. The only thing that is can improve is the backlink area.
8 - The data is very valuable for Paid and Organic Search, but it seems like the paid search data goes a bit deeper. I would love for the Organic Search data to go just as deep.
9 - Unable to just search and export certain periods of historical data
10 - Sometimes the information doesn't appear to be accurate

Benefits you can get

1 - Semrush will helps you with measurement and optimization of your search engine optimization and paid search campaigns.
2 - SEMRush can provide you with the information you need to make a good recommendation for improvement to your clients.
3 - It also allows you to track your website health making sure you take care of errors quickly.
4 - Increase SEO, reporting, keyword research, analyzing competitors. The tool and data are quick and reliable.
5 – You can find the right keywords/negative keywords to maximize your click value and minimize the click costs.  
6 - You can get a good sense of the keyword universe for a given domain - know what keywords that are triggering ads for the domain and know what keywords are driving organic traffic for the domain. 
7 – Semrush can help in getting keyword level organic and paid traffic details. SemRush provides good information about which keywords are getting traffic to particular websites. It also provides historical CPC trend which is very difficult to get otherwise.
8 – Semrush can help in Increasing SEO, checking website competition, checking backlink profiles. One of the great features here is that it does not compile an enormous list of backlinks but only the most relevant backlinks.
9 – Semrush can help in making your site more search engine friendly.
10 - SEMrush makes the organic keyword research process much easier and quicker.


1 - It is easy to learn and can be a very helpful tool.
2 - Make sure you take the time to learn how to actually use SEMrush. Don't just go after the keyword function. By learning their extra features, you and your team can actually construct a MUCH better campaign adn will get more out of it.
3 - If you want to track how your online marketing is doing, you would definitely consider SEMRush. This tool helps with everything from SEO, AdWords, (now) Social Media, etc.
4 - Demo when you first sign up and take their webinars that they offer. You will learn so much about the product this way.
5 - See for yourself and take a trail of the software and/or speak with the team to find out more.
6 - You would take the free trial and see for yourself how powerful SEMrush is.
7 - If you need the ability to have better digital strategy and insights SEMrush will help to make you entire team smarter
8 - SEMrush is a good starting point to understand your market and industry trends but does not rely soley on this for your research. Diversify your research!
9 - Take advantage of this tool now, it will definitely help you in your Search strategy, be it Organic or Paid.
10 - Be prapred to perform your due diligence when using this data for creating strategies, so as not to go down the wrong rabbit hole.
Interpreting Semrush gained statics

Semrush alternatives

Moz local, Moz pro, Raven Tools, Ahrefs, SpyFu, UpCity, WebCEO, Majestic, BrightEdge, Conductor Searchlight.

 Semrush Price 

 Semrush Price


Unlike any other keyword research tool, Semrush is the only tool which uncover you the keywords which your competitors rank with on search engines, or in other words, your competitors' top keywords which help them to rank in Google through organic research or paid campaigns. Revealing such things is considering step #1 in building your skyscraper techniques and conducting a very successful CPC campaign (skyscraper technique is based on building very high valuable content and reach with it to the very target people which will actually interact with it and then it gain more shares and more comments on different social medias, then it will be like the skyscraper that attract who look to it)

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