How To Appear On The First Page Through Organic Keywords

How To Appear On The First Page Through Organic Keywords

How to appear on first page through organic keywords


To appear on Google, you have to pay, and that will cost you too much, or to appear organically without paying a cent, and that is our aim: to appear on first page of Google through the organic keywords which is of course very difficult in its competition. I had established my blog to achieve such aims to learn from others and learn others, to transform my learned experience to those who need it, as I learned from that search of keywords "to appear on google, you should be the best or give them the gold free" so, we should put in mind wide lines in main points to appear on the first page of google, as I'll tell you in the following article.

After reading that article you'll be learned:

How to appear on search engines through specific keywords?
How to make your audience reach you through organic research and not paid?
How to write a short article which ranks on google?

The short or the long article

Can you appear on google through your short article of 700 or 1000 keywords? Or you should make a great effort in making a long article of 3000 words or more?
According to SEO rules, the very long article appear on first page which include, almost, in all its 10 results, articles of more than 1500 words. But no one can count or control how the keywords combinations vary, then there is a great chance to appear on first pages of different search engines through your short article, which has actually a specific variation of keywords of its title and its body (the article itself) as the first criteria of SEO is the keywords and its variations which we call "long tail keywords"

How does your audience think?

It is very necessary for your article's health to use the same keywords which your audience think, and moreover, to get them what they actually want under the titles of your articles, the resemblance between your keywords and what your audience think should be found so as to reach to your targeted audience. You should put yourself in the place of your audience, what keywords he want to read an article, and what questions he use to reach it? Is the answer inside your articles is suitable to your audience or not? Did your article will actually benefit your audience or it is just "a collection of keywords"? For that I invite you to write from your inside and put yourself in a place of your researcher before deciding to use any keyword research tool, which will be your next step.

People intend

The people's intend then through their keywords in mind is to seek informational keywords which will answer a question they seek its answer or solve a problem they seek their solution and, almost in free, as the informational articles is introduce freely on the web, but you can offer more offers with more advantages to your audience so as to can benefit more and fast. Inside your free informational articles you then can suggest a magic tool which will actually help your audience and the decision in their hands to choose or not. 

Which tools you should use?

As you reach to that article, then, you seek the free tools which enable you to appear organically on Google, so I chose you the very effective two free keyword research tools which are: Google keyword planner tool and Google trends.
Google keyword planner tool is the best alternative after Google analytics removed the terms which tells you how people find your site and leave you in a dark. Google keyword planner is the best alternative, as it gives you the search volume of particular keywords and how often people use these terms in a month and that give you specific ideas for the potential keywords that you can use.
Google trends, on the other hand gives you, very precise information about the keywords history and location and you can compare between keywords according to numerous geographical regions.
For more advantages you can use SEMrush or Ahrefs
Read more about SEMrush from here
Read more about Ahrefs from here 


To complete your SEO strategy you should be aware of your keyword research, that means, you should choose the very relevant keywords, establishing the very awesome landing pages and creating the very effective cornerstone marketing articles.

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