Ahrefs: what you need to know

Ahrefs: what you need to know

Ahrefs: what you need to know


If you are serious in content marketing world and SEO, Ahrefs will be your right choice and the very effective tool which will help you much in giving insights in your content competitors and help you in taking much better marketing decisions.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a multinational company which is established in Ukraine in 2011 as a site explorer then it developed rapidly to have many functions concerning SEO process in general such and its main function was "a backlink analysis tool" then its functions conclude many aspects concerning SEO techniques.  Ahrefs has a huge indexed data base of 12 trillion backlinks, 200 million root domains, and 2 trillion know URLs a matter which makes it the most used SEO software tool.

Ahrefs interface

Ahrefs interface

Ahrefs interface has seven main schedules dealing with seven main functions concerning keyword research, building backlinks, competitor's analysis and white hat SEO in general. These functions are:

Site Explorer

Through that tool you can know very important information concerning backlinks of any website or even url, the weak and strong backlinks to that page or url. Tracking backlinks that way will increase your knowledge and your way in improving your won backlinks.

 Positions Explorer

It is the best for discovering the keywords which your competitors use and rank with in both organic and paid search, and which keywords that they pay for to rank and increase their leads.

Content Explorer

You'll know every small detail concerning every single piece of content of your competitors, the most share piece of content and who share it and that way you can create a link building campaign which is very suitable for your outreach targets.

Position Tracker

You'll pursue the ranking of your keywords in every country along the history and on the different devices including mobile devices and other devices and also in different search engines a matter which helps you to control and judge your keywords from one time to another.

Crawl Report

Crawl Report package of Ahrefs will enrich you with the bad issues which affect and hurt your visibility on different search engines and how to fix them; also will help you in optimizing your pages to search engines.

Ahrefs Alerts

Knowing the new backlinks once your competitors gain it or lose by Ahrefs Alerts will be very useful in enlarging your backlinks base strength your backlinks profile.

Features and Specifications?

Based on G2Crowd we gather these Features about ahrefs concerning: advantages, disadvantages, benefits you can get and recommendations.


1 - ahrefs does a great job of showing both social and backlinks. You can get a free trial and a few limited features work on the free plan.
2 – ahrefs is a tool that so intuitively reaches into the depths of the internet to show you every link, every share, and every tweet pointing to the site you are researching.
3 - Ahrefs provides the best graphically-pleasing trends. It makes a high-level snapshot easy to absorb and quickly helps the user determine site history.
4 - Ahrefs is the best link building tool in the market.
5 - The free version of Ahrefs is sufficient for most of your business needs, and most
6 - Ahrefs backlink index is the biggest out there. There is so much data that you can use to analyze client and as well competitor websites. 
7 - The quality and accuracy of the results seem to be the most accurate compared to other platforms.
8 - Ahrefs with its content explorer, site explorer and keyword explorer options gives you an easy way to figure out errors and optimize your website. The best part about the tool is its backlink profile which is 95% accurate as compared to other tools in the market.
9 - ahrefs is the most important tool for links analytics, the most important activity in SEO strategy. Site explorer is nice tool for analytics website for links acquisition.
10 - It's not only a good tool for prospecting and doing audits on existing sites, but the tool for seeing what stuff has been shared/linked to the most on different topics is invaluable for content creation.


1 - ahrefs is pricier at $99/month than Majestic's Silver Quarterly Plan ($50/month - regular price is $79/month) and about the same as Moz Pro ($99/month) . 
2 - Support responses can be slow. The interface can be rather confusing although they recently improved it a lot.
3 - As with any backlink reports, I have found some inconsistency in link numbers.
4 - Sometimes Ahrefs does not show new links right away.
5 - The amount of data that ahrefs provides is massive. This can be kind of overwhelming to new users of the product.
6 - The organic and paid search estimators are inaccurate. The position heatmap is designed to give you an overview of rankings but is nearly impossible to discern since it's a blur of colors.
7 - The cost per month for the tool is on the higher side.
8 - The new format of the backlink research is a little confusing, the old format was much easier to use.
9 - The restriction of the free version of Ahrefs.com. I think if more people have access to the tool, the more customers will buy it.
10 - "Lost" backlinks data are not updated frequently. 

Benefits you can get

1 - Ahrefs can help you to figure out what keywords to target, what content to write and what backlinks to go after so that we can beat our competitors, raise our rankings on Google and dominate our industry.
2 – Ahrefs can give you access to the data you need to quickly figure out how much competition a competitor has for your clients, and compare that to find out how much work you'll have to do and how much time you'll have to spend on the clients site/backlinks.
3 – With Ahrefs You can keep track of what your competitors do, the content they generate, the backlinks they have, how they change over time, from where they come.
4 - Ahrefs provides the ability to continually analyze a web properties backlink profile and it stores all of the information which makes reports easier and saves the time and space from not having to keep all the data on server.
5 – You can use Ahrefs to monitor our SEO progress for clients, conduct keyword research, and find content ideas among other things.
6 – Aherfs can help you to find quality subpages on websites that are good candidates for link building.
7 – You can use Ahrefs to find and show your clients where they're performing well and where they could be improving. It's also a great tool when putting together a strategy.
8 - Ahrefs makes the link building process so much more efficient. You can compare domains quickly and not waste any time on pursuing bad back-link profiles because Ahrefs gives you insights that immediately tell you if a back-link profile is worth digging into or not.
9 - Ahrefs data helps you identify valuable keyphrases and backlink opportunities, quickly and easily.
10 –Ahrefs can help you in Discovering new link opportunities


1 - If you can afford a link analysis tool, you must consider ahrefs.
2 - Take the time to figure out everything Ahrefs can do. You'd be surprised with how much they offer.
3 - If SEO analytics seems overwhelming to you, start with this tool.
4 - Just get it - it's a slam dunk, it's easy and you'll have more data than you'll ever use.
5 - Use it for at least three months. It takes continual use to discover the best features the product has to offer.
6 - It is a very good link audit tool. Probably the best.
7 - If you are serious about SEO, you should go for Ahrefs
8 - Try it right away! This site can give you most of what you need with no cost, so try it today!
9 - I would recommend this product for anyone who is looking to do quality white hat SEO
10 - I'd recommend trying out at least one other backlink research tool just to compare the power and ease of use to Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Alternatives

We order Ahrefs Alternatives in three sections, you can choose from them what is suitable for your needs, we divide them into : free, fermium and paid as follows. Just click on the tool and read what you want to know about:  


 Bing Webmaster Tools
AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
Answer The Public
Google Correlate
Google Keyword Planner
Google Location Changer (SERPs)
Google Trends
Imforsmb.com's Bulk Keyword Generator
Keyword Combiner
Keywords Everywhere
Seed Keywords
SEO Book's Free SEO Tools
Suggestion Keyword Finder
Wordstream's Free Keyword Tools
Wordtracker Scout


Keyword Eye
Keyword Revealer
Can I Rank
SEO Plugin By Squirrly
SEO PowerSuite


Keyword Snatcher
Keyword Tool Dominator
Long Tail Pro
Power Suggest Pro
Scribe by Copyblogger
Solo SEO



With its excellent user interface and with its huge database that is updated almost every day, Aherfs is one of the best SEO tools with all its aspects From keyword research till the very genius technical SEO with backlinks and analyzing competitors, have a look at it and judge it yourself within its trail mode.

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