The Right Way To Do Keyword Research: Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Right Way To Do Keyword Research: Work Smarter, Not Harder

The right way to do keyword research: work smarter, not harder

How long have you been in content marketing? And how long have you targeted many long tail keywords and haven't appeared in search results? How many blog posts which you have in your blog and have spent a great time and slog without any benefit from them?
If your answers are negative, then you work harder, not smarter, and you didn't put your leg in the right way which is "keyword research" which is the main key to SEO door. Actually, there are many tools, we handle in our articles, but keyword research remains no #1. So, you should know the correct way to find suitable keywords and the right principles in keyword research.
Another important thing of dealing with keyword research is the rate of converting, you can compose many and many articles, and you can appear on the first page, but the keywords that you use aren't converted keywords, you have to choose the keywords that convert, and you should careful to rank them on the first page, either in free or paid techniques.
We begin with you step by step in choosing keywords that convert and how to promote articles with these keywords and increase your rate of conversion and your earnings.
Keyword research or choosing the right keywords is the right and the basic foundation of your site, as it determines the conversion rate and your earnings from your right choice of your keywords. None of the SEO strategies will work right if you didn't choose the right keywords. Then, you should learn how to choose the right keywords which will work for you.
Nowhere to lead a campaign to target with your chosen keyword phrase and spend a meant budget to earn from that keyword, so you should choose the exact match targeting keyword, to appear on the first page with your ads, and you should work very smarter to compete for the strong sites which use the same keyword that you target if you want a conversion from that keyword. Your proposal concerning that keyword should be attractive and clickable. It isn't important to appear on the first result by your ad, but the important thing is that your keyword converts well, and you can test it by two important steps, the first one we mentioned and it depends on the right choice of that keyword or it should be "exact match targeting". The second step is to determine your budget in Google AdWords or Bing AdCentre, then you can drive a small campaign and watch out the rate of conversion, and if your keyword converts well, you can increase your budget. 

You can use many tools either free or paid to find your keywords and go beyond that by discovering more about your competitors you can use one of these 20 keyword tools used by e-marketing experts.  


The right way to do keyword research is the base and basis of all your SEO's operations and if you do it well everything thereafter will be all right. You can first choose the suitable keywords for your site, then calculate your suitable budget according to your preferred PPC search engine and start to test them. Finally, if you earned 3$ from 2$ you are in the right way.

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