The Right Way To Promoting Free Giveaway To Your Customers

The Right Way To Promoting Free Giveaway To Your Customers

The Right Way To Promoting Free Giveaway To Your Customers

Building your email list deserves your time and effort, and isn't a just easy process, for those who sign up for your email list, they don't do that for your own sake or for your eyes, or because they love you. They just do that because they think that they'll  find an extraordinary thing which will help them in solving their problem and in free; that is the way you should thing when building your email list and creating a giveaway for your customers in your email newsletters. You should be distinguished in creating your professional giveaway, as most of the people create an ordinary giveaway to build their email newsletters, but very few of them spend more time in crafting their giveaway very professionally to meet exactly their customers' needs and solve some of their problems; you can do that thing but very easily if you follow these tips.

You can learn from these video 15 easy ways to build your email list

First of all, you should contact your customers asking them what is the great problem they face now and they are struggling to solve, then promise them that you are very keen to solve their problems in they soon will give a free giveaway, very helpful in handling and solving their problems.
The second step is creating your fantastic giveaway, and you should know an important principal concerning giveaways:
"The more you give free, the more you get paid"
"The more your giveaways are valuable, the more you sell your products"  
Your subscribers will think "what is very precious his free giveaways! Oh no, what about his paid products will be?!!"
As you reach that point you are one of two:
If you sell your own product, then you can fill in gaps between your free and paid products.
And if you are an affiliate, you don't guarantee how the product that you promote is valuable, as most paid products are created by fewer experienced people. And every affiliate won't spend more time in creating such a professional thing and waste his time, so from the very beginning, you should choose your product very carefully, and then you can make a pdf sheet on how to use that product or step by step video illustrating the usage of your product. Whatever you introduce to your subscribers it will be fantastic if it carries a value regardless of the way it was produced.

Promoting giveaway  

Running giveaway increases your traffic and your profile on different social media if you could start from them to give your giveaway, and also it is the magic wand to build your email list very rapidly and very successfully. Statics by Shopify showed that running giveaway can increase your email list 1500 subscribers in only 10 days, a matter which makes you put in mind the tremendous importance of growing giveaway, especially viral one, on your site and social media. And there are thousands of sites you can grow through  giveaway, for example
You can grow your giveaway on a post on Facebook
You can use Reddit's advertising platform
You can use StumbleUpon's paid discovery
You can promote a post on twitter
You can use Pinterest

Need to read: 

the importance of free giveaway

Giveaway ideas  

To run a giveaway, we have for you some examples which can inspire you to create your giveaway. You can run one of the following:
Illustration of a product
A step by step video illustrating the usage of an important product
A step by step video illustrating important software
A limited edition product
An entire product collection
A once in lifetime opportunity (eBook for example)

Creating giveaway tools

Putting together the scattered parts helps you creating professionally your giveaway by helping with fantastic tools which are:
Gleam: it enables you to make your preferred prize and take action within a time of fewer than 3 minutes
Rafflecopter: it is one of the easiest ways in the word to create very easily your giveaway by just copying and pasting.
Promosimple: the third fantastic tool in creating your giveaway within minutes, as with its fantastic tools, it helps you to quickly create unique entry forms and landing pages.


Either you made your giveaway from gold or from sand, whatever it has a value to your customer and handle a particular problem, it will be a wonderful prize for him, and actually, it will affect positively his coming attitudes towards your paid products.    

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