How To Loudly Wow Your First Time Website's Visitors

How To Loudly Wow Your First Time Website's Visitors (in only 7 steps)

How To Wow Your First Time Website’s visitors Through Pshychological Steps

Wowing your first-time visitors is the key to Google's heart and actually to its first page, and that is my and your first request from content marketing and working on the web in general. Of course to be admired by your visitor, especially the first who comes to your site, is not the only factor for SEO, but it forms the cornerstone of it, because when your visitor leaves you rapidly, it is a point against you and Google doesn’t neglect it in its coming results, so, from the very beginning, you should try your best to attract your first visitor's attention through your article from its beginning to its conclusion. To say to Google "I'm here" is to perform wonderful pieces and make it the best SEO. and when you begin to appear on the first page, to wow your readers is the main criteria to remain on the first page as long as they remain on your site. That is simply what we learn together in the coming article.
Let's begin in particular steps psychological and practical that will wow your first-time website visitors and lead them to bookmark your content in their browsers.

1 – The fast speed of your website's time loading

To grasp your audience attention, especially, ones who faces you, or find your site for the first time through search engines, your site should load in less than two seconds, if it takes a long time to load, you'll lose them, and maybe forever.

2 – The simple and wonderful Design of your website

Your website should be designed to meet the psychological needs of your audience, that mean you should choose the suitable template to your site's content; for example, if your website is about cooking, it should be yellow according to color's criteria or may be blue. If it about SEO and marketing, yellow also is suitable and may be gray or white or even green. The ordering of elements should be attractive, you should choose suitable fonts, etc.

3 – Use catchy headlines

Do you know that more than 50% who share links on different social media, share them for the sake of its titles, and the most clickable articles on the first page of Google are these ones who have attractive titles, even if they are not no  #1. For this, using attractive and catchy title is of great importance to catch your visitor attention, then comes the second step to make him remain in your site which we will talk about in the following step. To write attractive and catchy headlines you can use numbers, interesting adjectives, unique rationale, and a promise: you can try one of the following formulas

Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

7 easy steps to wow your traffic

How to + action + keyword + promise

How to write valuable content to wow your visitors

Definition + guide to + action + keyword + keyword + promise

A psychological guide to wowing your visitors and get more followers

Positive word + number (and/ or noun) + keyword + promise + details

Wonderful 7 techniques for wowing your first-time website visitors and get more traffic

Negative word + action + keyword

Stop boring your visitors using these psychological techniques  

Call to action + keyword + promise

Use these 7 psychological steps to wow your first-time website's visitors  

4 – Writing a highly valuable content

Providing great value to your content is considered the second step to wow and affect very positively your first-time visitors and leads them to come back again to your website after actually, they feel the insane value and messages that your articles carry and conclude. They will be engaged with your content if it has a value and a good piece of information which not found in other websites, try as hard as possible to achieve that goal, otherwise, you'll lose your audience and forever and of course the trust of search engines.

We shared in that video 15 techniques to compose or add a value to your content and wow your readers even if your industry is very boring 

5 – Providing free lead magnets

Free staff for visitors is on the precious psychological elements which affect them very positively and wow them very loudly, especially when accompanying your free offers with the real estimate or how they cost, when giving away a free course that estimated with, for example, 100$ for free, your visitors will feel a great benefit that you give them and the highly benefit that will they gain through that course, and feel how far you are expert to give them that precious course and for free. By offering free samples, you can also increase your sales incredibly. But what can you offer on your site?
Actually, you can offer lots of precious and valuable things to your visitors, you can offer them free tool which introduces them a specific service concerning their interests; you can offer them eBook, checklist, guide, or a pdf version of your article, and in all cases you can ask them for emails in exchange, and this is what we name lead magnets. Lead magnets, in its first and main function, is to grow your email list, and when it with high value it grasps your traffic's attention and wow them and make them to highly estimate your website.

6- Showing recommendation of Famous brands

As a beginner, you'll have now recommendation from any brands, but if you have some with time, you should put it as, a picture, in the rights sidebar of your blog, or any suitable place which is seen to all of your traffic.

7 – Use professionally, keyword research

Keyword research is with great benefit, as, it reaches your site to the very suitable and targeted hands. From the very beginning, your titles should be interesting and clickable and shareable at the same time, the content under the title should be suitable to it and should carry a great value and benefit to the readers, you should convey your content through suitable keywords, and you can achieve that goal through two important techniques:

#1 – Finding out the subjects which are searched by your audience

You can use one of many free tools to find many long tail keywords and discover CTAs rate of it, then you should make a corporation between the ad and your landing page as, if your landing page isn't suitable to add keyword or the keywords that you use in your ad, the target customer will leave your landing page and you'll lose your money, so, he should find what you promise in your ad.  
You can discover that by writing down the keyword on google and examine the results that you get on the first page.

CTAs suitable keywords

# 2 – Finding out the exact language which they use to find out that subject

The exact language which the customer uses aren't found, generally, within the volume of the main keywords, so, how you can find it? You can use forums of that field, or FAQfox, to discover the hot questions concerning your target keywords, or the language which they use to reach a certain problem.
Using the exact language which audience use, help you to rank for many long tail keywords concerning that keyword.

For example, when we type the keyword "appear on the first page" we find out questions or subjects that have relation with your keyword, like the following:
The first page guaranteed?
Why does my site not show up in MSN & Yahoo searches?
How long does it take to appear on google?
Who wants to get on the first page of google?
How can I recover from a website hack in google results?
What should I do to push my site to the 1st page of google?
How often does your site become number one on google?
How to rank a particular keyword on google first page?
Questions like that are asked by real people, all have the same problem, which is "their sites don't appear on the first page"
You can use the sentence of the problem and make an article to handle that problem and you can target the keyword with your title, as following

Your site doesn’t appear on the first page: here is the magic solution?

By the time, we will acquire more experience using that strategy in that keyword research technique.

To Be Followed 

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