7 Sales Tools Will Boost Your Sales

7 Sales Tools Will Boost Your Sales

How to increase your sales: 7 important sales tools

No doubt that traffic without sales will be depressed for you, hence it is very important to know the necessary rules and specific tools for increasing your sales either strategies concerning content marketing or sites concerning organizing your work on the web and dealing successfully with your traffic. As we don't have a monster team, then we turn to digital services and online tools. We have numbers of sales tools that will help you in increasing your sales and raising the converting rate with specific functions, let's have a look.

1 – TLDR

TLDR helps you to get rid of popups ads which disturb the visitors, or banners within your content. TLDR allows you to create custom summaries of each blog post, a matter which makes visitors engaged with your content for a long time instead of ignoring banners or closing directly popups ads. It is also has a positive experience with mobile users as it gives them snippets of information concerning your content a matter that increases engagement with your content and evokes visitors to give his email to know more information. Moreover, it improves your on page SEO without the need to increase the length of your content, and improve your SEO in general by adding more content which crawled by Google. You can use the plugin tool in your site. Know more information on how to use that tools from here

2 -  HubSpot

HubSpot helps you to obtain all the necessary tools to increase traffic and turning them to your sales or products. HubSpot different helps you to solve nearly most problems concerning sales, it introduces tools which help you to develop your site; it helps you in making marketing automation and lead engagement easier, as you can create only from HubSpot email workflows, landing pages, forms and reports with no need to have experience in doing such things.

LinkedIn is full of sales opportunities for its massive numbers of users which are estimated with half-billion users, and so, LinkedIn Sales Solutions consider very important sales tools for your site. You can compare products and you can choose the best for you by helping sales navigator which focus on the right people and build trusted long term relationship with your prospective customers, with that tool, you can track your social selling products.

InsideSales.com performs with sales lead management better than any company else, as it helps you in doing your sales communications and email and web tracking for your perspective. Moreover, it allows you a real-time view of your email opens, clicks on email links and web visits. The tool also is considered on of the greatest tools in tracking your outbound call phones through salesforce, as it works automatically with it, that actually helps you in controlling everything from the dealer.

5 -  ToutApp

With its many tools, ToutApp will be a great part of your sales strategy, as it allows you many important strategies and solutions concerning raising and controlling your sales very effectively and easily. ToutApp integrates very nicely with Gmail and salesfot that you can analyze the metrics and results of your email campaigns. With the helping of that tool, you can also schedule your emails when going out and track when someone opens your email and know which links is clicked on and more; ToutApp gives you a real-time view of who is looking at your emails.

6 – YesWare

Such like ToutApp, you can with YesWare track emails even in the free version of it. You can interface with your email box and identify which email you need to open and which one you don't need; you can know when an email was read and by whom. Moreover, it determines the location and the device that the email is being opened in, a thing that helps you to know person's tendencies and the way to keep in touch with them by the right way and in the suitable time. 

7 – Calendly

Calendly is the best tool to schedule meeting with prospects, that tool can schedule everything from sales calls to sales meeting without the need to go back and forth on email. It is very affordable and easy to use tool for both you and your customers, a matter which helps you to save time in connecting with your customers determining the day and time to meet them without the need to send your calendar manually to them, as it gives easy access and integrates well with Google calendar. And you can try it for free for 14 days without the need of credit card.

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