7 Growth Hacking Strategies Will Boost Your Content Marketing

7 Growth Hacking Strategies Will Boost Your Content Marketing

7 Growth Hacking Strategies For Content Marketing 

The word hack has negative connotations for a long time, but, nowadays and by the growing of startups, that word turns to be a kind of magic strategy in marketing content; your growth of your startup is the judge of your prospective success, then you should put in mind what are new in the ethical hacking. To continue in your work from the house if you start up a small company, you should see in front of your eyes the growth of your startup and an exponential rise in traffic day after day, otherwise, you'll leave all the story and the work on the internet in general. Our hacks so are about how to increase the traffic of your small startup and then raise your referral traffic. Our purpose then is how to write; how to continue in writing and how to function your given abilities in creating and marketing your content. By marketing content, you can raise your business and then your earnings from your site, let's go.

1-  Try not to leave writing

The main difference between the successful startup and the others which stopped forever the continuity. Try not to stop writing, at least write 3 pieces of content a week, even if one or more a day. A piece of content with 700: 1000 words is very sufficient and very good to raise your rank and your chance of success as one of the successful startups, of course with the following strategies. Adding more content to your site raise your chance to be viral.

2 – write a high-quality content

The writing in itself will be nonsense if your piece of content has no meaning or if it was some kind of copy and paste with a way or another; your piece of content and your articles should be with great value and great benefit for your prospective customers, you should put in mind the quality side by side with the quantity.

3 – Don't start from the scratch

We mentioned to continue in writing and to write high quality of content in our first two steps of our hacking strategies in marketing content, and this step is the real translation to the two previous steps. As a beginner, your experience is so little, so it will difficult for your you to write an article every day and good one at the same time, actually by time you will do it very easy with little surfing of the web, but in the beginning don’t start from zero, but use your mind and google to create your content, look at the sites of the same kind of your startup then rewrite and reintroduce their articles with your personal manner; read them then use google search engine to add to them and make as an article to your site.

4 – Concentrate on type of articles

Concentrating or writing on one types of articles has great effect on both you and your prospective customers; it makes you acquire the experience in that field and persuade Google with very hacking ethical way to appear on its first results, in the same time it introduces you to your audience or traffic as an expert as you'll acquire the experience by time which your traffic will touch it, then the referral rate to your products will be raised.

5 – Repurpose the evergreen content

The evergreen content is of great benefit and it doesn't die; surfing the web, try to find the evergreen content concerning your articles type, then you can repurpose them in many platforms, for example you can get many nuggets from evergreen videos on YouTube and other videos sites and repurpose on your site, it raises your chance in sharing and helps you to be more viral. You can also use your older evergreen posts in other many platforms as you can share it on Facebook, make a video about it, make an eBook concerning it and you catch many emails by it and get many subscribers.

6 – Use guest blogging

Guest blogging is considered a good chance to increase your traffic, but you should choose a niche that not in the same of your niche as it will be with less benefit, but it should be of the same category, for example, travel niche can be guested on niches like holidays, travels, methods of transports, etc…Guest blogging raises converting of your referral traffic.

7 – Use video content

Video content is a real treasure in raising the rate of referral traffic, as people loves watching videos, and the visual medias are with great effect than other medias or just a concrete words. Everyone from time to other loves to watch a video about what he is interested in and the rate of converting is raise with video content, it is really the bank in video content.

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