11 Need To Use Free SEO And Marketing Tools For Every Digital Marketer

11 Need To Use Free SEO And Marketing Tools For Every Digital Marketer

Free Seo and Marketing Tools

Concerning marketing and SEO, there are many free tools which are very helpful and you should use them as a digital marketer which facilitate much you SEO strategies and help you in your SEO and content marketing, we choose for you amongst them the best and most important 10 tools, let's have a look.

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Google Analytics gather to you very helpful data concerning your site as it determines the sort of audience who visits your site, a matter which helps you to collect enough data and specific information which affects successful in taking action concerning which keywords you should use in your site and which audience you should target.

Moz Check My Listing tool help you to be found by your customers online, as it is designed in particular to show you how your business is listed online and checking your listing on different search engines like Google and Bing. Using Moz Checker My Listing helps you reach the top of your work by analyzing what is complete, incomplete, inconsistent and duplicates concerning your business then you can fix all faults and shortages concerning your online business, then you can come beyond your competitors.

Google Page Speed Insights nowadays are considered one of the very important tools which affect your ranking on Google by analyzing and testing your site's speed on both desktop and mobile, you can know if your site is considered in SEO concerning site speed or not. You can follow the certain guidelines introduced by that tool to make your site faster and know what should be fixed on your site and so improve your user's experience and your ranking after so.

The main function and vital job of Similar Web are in keeping an eye on your site's health by tracking your top competitor. Similar Web gives you very useful information concerning your site as such as general overview, search, social, display, content, audience, similar web and mobile apps. You then can consider all of these data helping you improve your marketing and SEO strategies.

Typing your URL in the search box of that helpful and wonderful tool, enable you to know and solve all of the SEO processes. SEO SiteCheck up gives you SEO information concerning: competition, monitoring SEO, analysis of SEO issues and the ability to create SEO reports. When getting perfect score all the data showed on the results of SEO SiteCheck up, and that is very difficult, means that you did all the right processes concerning SEO, if no you will click on the "how to fix" button to know important advice resolving your SEO problems.

You can sign up for free and benefit from many features using Majestic SEO in many processes concerning your SEO and content marketing. Majestic SEO helps you whatever your experience is, either you are a professional or just a beginner; it helps you as a professional to find your potential clients, manage your portfolio and audit your website. It helps also in social media analyzing, discover what is out there and who is influencing who and it can analyze even the very huge URLs or comparing between them in many features.

Google Search Console, in brief, gives you a clear idea on the performing of your site. It gives your very important data and information concerning links to your site, manual action and internal links and mobile usability, you can track the links to your site and which pages in your site have many links and which keywords are the main of your visits. All the data of Google Search Console is updated continuously.

8 – SpyFu

SpyFu enables you to know what your competitors do concerning marketing and SEO. typing URL of any site in the search box of SpyFu get you very useful information about keywords of that URL, shared keywords and top keywords and information also concerning inbound links and ranking history, the knowledge of such things help you to use know keywords that you can try again to rank with, know where are your competitors in certain keywords, which may be negative to your site.

9 – Dasheroo

All your business metrics are introduced in one place which is Dasheroo. You can connect it with many social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google analytics, HubSpot, and Stripe. Dasheroo corrects to you many useful data concerning your posts in sites like these, you can then track and comparing using Daheroo.

Social Mention provides you with real-time social media search and analysis, then you can dig around social media with no need for more tools. The social strategy concerning SEO helps your rankings and Social Mention helps you to do so. You can run a unique search for any keywords of your site. Data box gets you something like strength, sentiment, and reach of your posts on different social media.

Google Keyword Planner tool gets you very useful information about your phrases and helps you in finding most profitable long tail keywords by searching certain keyword or phrases. Google Keywords Planner provides you with different statics of your phrases such as Avg. monthly research and the size of competition and the price of these phrases in Google ads.

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