Keyword tool.IO review

Keyword tool.IO review
Keyword tool.IO

With 10 votes among 61 of marketing experts, keyword comes in the third place of the most usable and importantkeyword research tools in finding their long tail keywords, as equal as long tail pro; it comes after semrush and google keyword planner.
Keyword is the best alternative keyword research tool to Google keyword planner as it suggest to you the available long tail unique keywords which you can do best with and rank them fast on google and other search engines like Bing, YouTube, Amazon and App store.
By entering the core keyword it suggest to you their suggested long tail keywords with it monthly search volume, CPC and Adword competition. And you can export the file of research in csv or excel file, but you have to get a premium account or try keyword tool pro to see these results.
You can filter you search results by adding a certain word to in the filter box then it sums you the results concerning your order, and also you can add negative keywords in the free account less than 6 negative keywords and reach to 2000 negative keywords in the premium account or keyword tool pro.
In the search box you can filter your results before taking any action of search as you can choose to search your keyword in one of five important search engines which are: Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and App store; and you can choose the search results to appear in any country and in any language.
Of the paid plans keywords has two premium tools with different usage and different paid plans, these tools are: keyword tool API and keyword tool pro.
With Keyword Tool API you can receive autocomplete keyword suggestions from Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and App store. It allows you a huge number and extremely useful suggested keywords, you may take weeks and week in finding them, it gives them to you in a matter of seconds, more than that, you can generate no thousands, but millions of highly relevant long tail keywords. Its price starts from 280$ a month of API lite to 1680$ a month for API plus, with different advantages. You can subscribe and try it for a complete month with 30-day money back guarantee.
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With Keyword Tool Pro you can find the hidden keywords by Google keyword planner tool with important data concerning their monthly search volume, CPC (cost per click data) and competition level.
Keyword Tool Pro is an important keyword research tool for many Digital Marketing and SEO experts like Bill Sebald who says that it is super valuable, smarter and fast; Cyrus Shepard assures that it gets data from several Google sources and it saves tons of time; more than that it is trusted by the other trusted keyword research tool like Semrush and ahrefs.
The paid plan of Keyword Tool Pro is the same as Keyword Tool API
Both of the premium keyword tool are trusted by very famous brands like Microsoft, Philips, ebay, adobe, trip advisor and others.  

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