How To Earn Your Partner's Heart In 10 Steps

How To Earn Your Partner's Heart In 10 Steps

How To Be A Romantic Husband

Romance is the key to every woman's heart, it is more important than just a concrete sexual relation; and for many wives, romance is the air which they breathe, and if you want to live a happy life, very safe and very cheerful, you should learn the romance ways to own your wife's heart, and don't think that it is a small thing or nonsense, but it is the mobile and the safe boat for life between any couples. Here, we have to you 10 ways to be a romantic husband that will help you much if you follow them and put in mind, so, these ways are very simple but very effective, let's start

1 - Make surprises

Try always to make surprises to your wife, as the wives draw an ideal photo of their partner that he is different from others. Make them feel that you are different, make them feel that difference in making unexpected things like surprises; send her a message with lovely words in unexpected time, buy here a gift, make here a romantic night full of lights and balloons and things like that, give her a money in different occasions with innovative ways.  

2 – Prepare her a meal

Send your wife in a career and surprise her with preparing the lunch meal for example, or wake her up after preparing here the breakfast meal, or prepare the dinner meal and have it with here in the candle lights and feed her with your hand, and don't forget to wash dishes after finishing, any lady upon the earth can't resist her husband's interest.

3 – Eat with her outside

When you are out and you are late, eat with her in a good restaurant, or get here a takeaway or a delivery when she is late for her work. This simple deed affects many her emotions, put in mind.

4 – Give her some of your time

When she come home, kiss her and when she speaks leave everything in your hand and start to listen carefully to her and give her your opinion, your ear, and your heart; neglect affects and harms her heart, you should show her your interest even in the very simple situations.

5 – Go with her on a vacation

Take your wife away on a vacation for a week and book a room to her in a hotel, then leave your children with one of your relatives, and spend a nice time with her, only you and her.

6 – Prepare her a breakfast

In one day of holidays like Fridays, get up early and prepare her the breakfast and introduce it to her in bed with her favorite magazine, or her favorite book. Leave her alone with her favorite magazine or book and prepare her a hot or cold drink.

7 – Choose her favorite programs and movies

When watching TV, be careful to choose what she likes and avoid the channels or movies that she doesn't like, and if you like them try to watch them not with her when sitting with her and deciding to watch something, choose their favorites.

8 – Never neglect the simple things

There is a number of simple things that husbands think that they are nonsense like kissing here during the day or hugging her, kissing her and hugging her emotionally during the day make your wife very happy and make her feel that you love her more.

9 – Make her do her favorite sport

You may don't like riding a bike or playing tennis, but these things wives love them much, so try to make her do things like these.

10 – Get her a cookbook

Most of the ladies are fond of cooking, so get her a book about cooking or watch with her a video on YouTube or TV about cooking.

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