E-marketing Reviews Guidelines

E-marketing Reviews Guidelines

e-marketing reviews


As I start my E-marketing Reviews blog, I'd like to paint my wide lines concerning my way in writing my articles and marketing them. The title appears to be very wide and very big and may conclude many sections inside it, but I meant in the first the necessary tools concerning affiliate marketing from writing informational articles, like that, to marketing and selling a certain product concerning your chosen keywords. Hence, keyword tools are one of the main important interests in my e-marketing reviews, including keyword research tools different reviews and informational articles concerning SEO and keyword tools and other subjects concerning affiliate marketing.
When going on and through my articles, I intend to write in that field to learn to market and SEO my articles and to have my own way in writing, which seems to English native speakers, odd to some extent, as the English language isn't my native language, but as I have learnt it as my second language, besides my love of writing in general, I have the talent to write in it with acceptable way to English native speakers.  

The necessary e-marketing tools

When dealing with keyword research you have to put in mind important tips:  
The most important and interesting titles which rank well on google with less competition
the most important long tail keywords inserted in your subject or article which help you to appear on the first page if someone inserts these long keywords in the search box of google or other search engines
The products of any affiliate market concerning your target keyword
The necessary SEO tools (on page and out page SEO) that help you to rank for this keyword
A campaign of Facebook or Google Adwords concerning your target keywords
Very persuasive article for target visitors that make them take action
A good deal of experience in your keyword that makes the target visitor feels that you have a good deal of information and experience in your field
Know well where you are and what you do
A timed plan and certain steps, not random walking
An organized effort
The choice of the right product concerning your target keyword

An example of a set of articles in e-marketing Reviews

The target keyword is (keyword research tools)

Keyword research tools

It deals with the products that help visitors to find the suitable keyword that he can do best with it and have a targeted visitors that buy a certain product concerning his keyword and need exactly that product

First of all (the organized effort)

The organized effort lights the road in front of you but the random effort lead you finally to nonsense

Second my main keywords or long tail keywords

My target keyword is (keyword research tool)
Interesting and useful articles
Long tail keyword inside the main title
Many articles concerning that keyword
SEO campaigns either free or paid
Reviews of products concerning that keyword
On page SEO between the articles of that keywords
Off page SEO concerning that keyword from social media sites and forums
using the potential long tail keywords inside your mind and test how they work on google keyword planner tool then use them in an interesting article and useful in the same time.
Speak to both people and search engine, don't concentrate in one and neglect the other, otherwise, your efforts will go with the wind.

Third: two kinds of articles

Articles concerning informational services and that depends on long tail keywords
Articles concerning converting services and that depends on products reviews
Long tail keywords concerning my aimed keyword: keyword research tools
Reviews concerning my aimed keyword: keyword research tools
My reviews with numbers
The reviews with numbers
Semrush review 880
Long tail pro review 1000
Google keyword planner review
Keyword tool.IO review 10
Buzzsumo review 210
Ubersuggest review
KWfinder review
Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool review
Moz Keyword Difficulty review
SERP Analysis Tool review
MOZ SERP Analysis Tool review
Market Samurai review 320
Word tracker review 10
SERP Wow review
GrepWords review
SEcockpit review
BrightEdge DataCude review
Monitor backlinks review 20
Wordstream review 480
Word stream review
Ahrefs review 110
Spyfu review 320
Bulkworks review

The paid words from the previous keywords

Semrush review 880
Keyword tool.IO review 10
Market Samurai review 320
Wordstream review 480
Spyfu review 320
 The not paid with highly search Avg
Long tail pro review 1000
Buzzsumo review 210
Ahrefs review 110

The informational articles (you can make a YouTube video or articles)

How to find long tail keywords 390
The best keyword research tools 90


An important thing to put in mind concerning any field, you know that there are very important ideas every marketer doesn't reveal to anyone, but the very successful marketers who give their information with no misery, as they know that helps them to market successfully their products.

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