10 Tips To Highly Increase Your Writing Skills

10 Tips To Highly Increase Your Writing Skills 

Develop Your Writing Skills

First of all, don't think I'll give you magic tools to write an article every day, but I'll use your inside magic tools, which are hidden in general, and will help you much to write as a rocket at least one article a day if not two or more. Every site owner in the very beginning or every blogger face problem of article and he may write more than 30 or 40 article then publish them in his blog and stop for a long time, a negative matter which affects badly his blog rank, he stopped writing because he think that he get all that he has, the ideas stop in front of his way, the solution then is not to stop writing and that seems difficult, hence, I'll have to you important tips and advice to do so, just follow my instructions

Start from your mind

The first problem which faces writers is the source of their writing or knowledge, for everyone the source of every piece of article is the human mind, you when reading a piece of article, it belongs to its owner or he gets from other sites, whatever, the beginning is from an author's mind. When rewriting an author's article you face a difficult in that process, so you should begin from your inside or mind, write from your heart, write what you are convinced with, but how to write about something maybe with less price in affiliate marketing, you may love not precious branch of knowledge or has few products or less price in digital market, the solution of that problem is coming in the following tips.

Be engaged

For me when I start my E-marketing Reviews, my first aim is to learn the secrets of affiliate marketing and SEO in general, so I choose that field because I want to learn about, even I have any more ideas about it, but I begin to engage myself with that world, by time I feel my experience and knowledge in that field is increasing day after day, when I do so, the ideas become to come to me with no invitation, their coming indeed helps me to start from my mind or inside, so to start from your mind you should be engaged with you interests.

Use experience of others and build upon them or add to it

Actually, the experience of others is of great importance, I told you to have only the start from your inside, as the start helps you to write so long article, then when coming through writing, you can use the experience of others to enrich you article, begin and start and after finishing your ideas begin to have a look on the ideas of others, but don't look their ideas or articles in the beginning. You can't do it at the first, but by time and experience, you'll find that it is very easy and with great effect at the same time.  

Put in mind the importance of time

Why do you need to write an article every day? The need of writing an article every day is of great importance to enrich your site and raise its rank on Google, so by time passing you see the rank of your site raise when adding to it a new article, besides the other tools which helps you to rank your site, then by knowing that, you should put in mind the importance of time in raising your site rank, and don't make the time pass and your site is not updated, when Google spiders come to your site and find that it is gradually updated, they will give you a special interest and Google after that will index your article after writing it directly, put the importance of time and you'll notice it yourself.

Prepare titles

Preparing titles is not a nonsense process; you should prepare many titles to choose from them what you want to write about in a certain time. When having many titles, it helps you to choose what you want to write about according to your psychological and mind readiness when the time of writing. You can prepare title by using your mobile's memo, as when you are engaged with something and interested with, it helps you to suggest for your memo many titles and a time of thinking, just give you an hour to gather some titles and write them down in your memo.

Prepare articles

Prepare articles help you to publish an article every day, the publishing process need you to have in your bag a number of articles, and when having a number of articles in your bag or pocket use them as a spare, and maintain them in a time of need or when you have no attitude to writing in one day, at least put in your pocket 5 articles and when type a new one, publish from them and replace the new with the one that you publish.


Thinking provides you with both titles and articles when thinking using your obtained knowledge in some branch of knowledge, it helps you to choose the suitable titles which are very close to your knowledge branch, and when writing about, you'll find yourself write as a rocket a very prolonged and respected SEO article.

Write from your inside

Starting from your inside, mean that you should write what you have an experience in; what you want to write in; what you feel that it is very profitable and useful to others; what you think it is not found in any other place of the web even if it is actually be found. When writing by that way it makes you love writing as it will be very easy and interesting process, and it won't be a monotonous work.

Use a series of subjects

As you choose the subject of your site, you should be careful with your choice of choice a renewed sector full of ideas, use a general idea have a good number of secondary ideas, for me for example and clarify that point, my website deals with reviews and marketing in general, so I'm choosing several subjects for example: social media's reviews; Facebook review; YouTube review; Reddit review; online presentation tools; Prezi review; slide share review; keyword research tools; Semrush review; Long tail pro, etc…

Get certain skills

You'll not have the ability to write an article every day if you don't have certain skills. Just like the ability to write fast without looking to the keyboard, you should acquire that ability by some way or another; the ability to have many ideas in mind and writing directly from your mind and I told that is come by experience and reading, when getting only these two skills, it will help you to write an article every day.


The process of writing is not a static one, as writing should have the soul to live day after day and month after month, then you should be dynamic get a spirit to your writing so as to reach to its suitable audience, in brief, love writing, writing love you besides researchers and search engines.
To achieve a high benefit from content writing, try to choose one field to write in and then you can highly benefit from it

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