Market Samurai Review: Your Right Choice In Affiliate Marketing

Market Samurai Review: Your Right Choice In Affiliate Marketing
Market Samurai review
One of the best keyword analysis and SEO tool, Market Samurai will help you so much in you keyword research in finding the best and most profitable keywords for your niche or site on the web. Market Samurai helps you in finding keyword with less competition which target high traffic and with high profit, as it helps you to avoid dead end projects before you begin your work on the web, so it is very important to use it before going forward in your work or your site.
If you want to establish a website, you have to choose keywords which rank on first page of Google, actually these keywords won't be easy to find and if you put in mind certain keywords and begin to search on it on Google to test them, you'll find that Big Sites have taken them, so, what is the solution, actually Market Samurai is the solution to find you target keywords, here I'll see how it work and what Market Samurai does with keyword research which is one of its metrics, you'll face in the Market Samurai Front page as you enter your keyword it main screen which have seven options in dealing with your single keyword which are: keyword research, domains, find content, promotion, SEO competition, monetization and publish contents
market samruai features
Market Samurai Keyword Research
When giving Market Samurai a single word to analyze, it will generate for you the related keywords and give important statics about it such as: how many sites do use these keywords, how many people does search for these keywords every month, how many clicks you will receive when appearing with these keywords on first page and other important statics. You have to login with your Google adwords account through Market Samurai in order to gather information concerning your keywords. When adding keywords and click generate keywords button, Market Samurai in a matter of a minute will generate you related keywords with keyword you add, giving you important information concerning it.
I add the keyword "keyword research tool" and I clicked the button generate, then Market Samurai generate me tons of related keywords to my keyword. Market Samurai orders the related keyword alphabetically begin with a ending with z, the first related keyword to my term "keyword research tool" is "ad keyword tool" the last one is "word tools" and you export that list in a text file.
It helps you to find which words and phrases will work best for your website by using positive keywords and dismissing the negative ones.   
Market Samurai Keyword Research

 The second step then is to analyze that list to choose the best long tail keywords from it, by clicking keyword analysis, it analyze you all your list (in the full version, not the free trail one) by giving you important information concerning your list
The previous symbols indicates to certain statics concerning your keywords, and they are interpreted as following:
 Actually, gathering information like these and statics will save your time and make you get rid of many other nonsense keyword research tools.
Market Samurai SEO competition
The second important usage concerning Market Samurai is its SEO competition. By entering a certain keyword and clicking the button "generate results" it shows you very useful statics concerning that keyword like the sites which compete with that keyword and analyzing these sites from many aspects like, main url dealing with that keyword, domain age of the site using that keyword, google page rank of the domain and other statics as it shown:
Market Samurai SEO competition

The results are hidden in the free trial version, but it is completely shown in the complete version.
Market Samurai other features
The rest five features of Market Samurai deals with very profitable functions, the domain aspect helps you in finding suitable domain for your keyword by suggesting all the available domains concerning your keywords and helps in buying one of them
Market Samurai finding domains
Monetization introduce to you the products concerning your keyword or the most suitable product to your keyword to monetize it from different affiliate sites like Amazon, ClickBank or  Commission Junctions, and the price and location of that product
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using market samruai in monetization
The find content function in Market Samurai helps you in finding the content concerning your keywords in many important sites like as articles sites, news, blogs, pictures and videos sites, moreover, Market Samurai helps you to analyze every piece of article concerning your keyword.
market suamurai finding content
Promotion function of Market Samurai is of great and wonderful job, as it helps you in finding backlinks which are related to your keyword from different blogs and forums
You can start Market Samurai for complete 12 days with no need of credit card but if you want to buy the full version with all its metrics and advantages it will cost you 147$, you can use it not monthly with that price but forever and you can get its gradually updated with no need to pay something else.
Building a website yourself without suing such tools like Market Samurai will be very hardworking and it will take all your time and effort, and by comparing Market Samurai with other keyword research tools and SEO competition analysis tools Market Samurai will be #1 for its very low price and wonderful advantages. By using it you'll discover many advantages as it shown here:



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