10 Best Online Presentation Tools

10 Best Online Presentation Tools
Presentation is considered one of the very effective and interesting way to express ideas and convey messages, and for both professional and non-professional Microsoft PowerPoint is No as you can use it offline, but for some the other online presentation tools with their professional tools is a forming a strong alternative to PowerPoint, and here we gathered and put in your eyes the best online presentation tools and the best alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint.

prezi pricing

Prezi is considered one of the best online tools to create fantasy presentation. Unlike other tools of presentation, Prezi introduce its online presentation in a shape of large canvas, that you can zoom in and out with very dynamic way enables you to go to various parts of that canvas by very attractive cinematic way, and by that way, Prezi has its great and unique effect of its manner in introducing its presentations. With its motion effects and great animation, Prezi gives its users the ability to create very dynamic and fluid nonlinear presentations. Prezi also connects the ideas of your presentation with its cinematic dynamic way, as by zooming in and out to in the canvas of Prezi, you can get the connection between ideas, so it is important in ordering and saving many ideas of one theme. You can use Prezi for free, but if you want more advantages you can choose what is suitable for you from its premium accounts. 

Unlike other presentation tools, Google Slides is the very traditional tool of online presentation as it introduces the classical view of PowerPoint online and by free; you only need a google account to have your account on Google Slides and use it with simple, traditional but very genius and professional way. You can choose your images, charts, and transition between slides and many wonderful effects and other tools and you can save your work online. Moreover, Google slides have more than 450 fonts and you can embed video from YouTube to work on. It has also and integration with Microsoft PowerPoint, as you open it and save and edit very easy. In short, it the best alternative to PowerPoint for your work online.

With many advantages, Author Stream comes in a very advanced degree of the best online presentation creation tools as you can upload PowerPoint files and do more with them, it is based on PowerPoint formatting.  You can password your files and make what you want in a private use for private persons. You can make many channels on your Author Stream account and it allows you also the creation of multiple videos in different formats as MP4, FLV, AVI and WMV to upload on video's sites like YouTube and Vemo. Moreover, you can add a sound notation to your presentation without the need to convert it into a video type. 

Slide Share is connected to LinkedIn, as it belongs to it, so you can make your presentation and share it directly to your account on LinkedIn. it has many advantages in dealing with a presentation as you can work on PowerPoint files and edit them in your own way with the help of its tools as you can embed a YouTube video or Audio file within your presentation to acquire your viewers' more rich media experience. 

By using Haiku deck, you can convey your slides to more than 40 million persons who are interested in its slides. It is a professional site and one the best presentation creation tools for free; with its great gallery of photos, themes and charts you can make a wonderful and amazing presentation on the web or for iPhone and iPad and you can export images from other site's images like Flickr and google images. You can use your own idea with the help of Haiku deck's tools to create a very expressive presentation which expresses successfully your own ideas and convey skillfully your insides messages. In its free usage, you can reach thousands of images, layouts, and fonts that the web designers pay millions of dollars to reach, you can use them for free to create your own templates.

Another wonderful presentation online tools are Slide Rocket. It can help you in creating your online slides and pursue your products at the same time as it introduce for you very precise statics to the viewers of your slides a matter which helps you much how to drive more and more sales by sharing your slides; so Slide Rocket is the best alternative tool for marketing experts who want to increase their online sales. 

With its nice user interface and elegant templates, Keynote for iOS is one of the best alternatives for PowerPoint afterGoogle slides with a more professional way and other presentation tools online. You can only use your fingers and its tools to create very close to life presentation slides as you can tie your work with cinema quality transition make your work very fresh and vital and very expressive. 

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With your apple account you can access to iWork you can test one of the best alternative tools for PowerPoint online, iCloud beta is a very successful experience of the presentation software. It is a part of iWork productivity suite and it is available entirely free online. You can open PowerPoint files and design good looking and very wonderful presentations. Moreover, you can share all of your work by your iCloud account, and you can share your own links with others. You can present a number of presentation in your browser after putting them together as iCloud has the flexibility to do that very easy.

slides.com review

From slides.com we gathered these fast tips about it
Use your mobile phone as a remote control. Simply tap to change slides
A slide is a place for creating, presenting and sharing slide decks
The media library makes it easy to use and organize uploaded assets  
It turns into a cloud and is available wherever you are even on your phone.
Since slides are web based you can easily embed content from other services like vemo.
The presentation can be downloaded for offline use at the click of a button.  
Slide layout is precise and flexible without sacrificing ease of use.
Unlike traditional presentation software, like PowerPoint, The Slides editor is available online, right in your browser, and you won't need to download anything.
You can also export a PDF and share or print it for your audience.
You can share your photos or anything else with more than 500,000 users who are interested in slide.com

Zoho docs review

Zoho Docs is a great application designed for effective document management. For Microsoft office users, Zoho docs are so familiar with its easy to use layout with its apps that include a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation components. Unlike other productivity online presentation sites like Google and Microsoft, Zoho docs have a very flexible cross-platform approach. With Zoho docs you can create, store, share, collaborate and share all your business documents (including your presentations) even if you have hundreds of files. You can have Zoho docs for free with a storage of 5G and other features, but if want more advantages you can have a premium account. 

With Powtoon you can create animated video or presentation without any animation skills; it is the right and best way for making your professional video animation. You can use your own images after exporting them from your device or use that of Powtoon resources. Powtoon is the right choice for those who want to express and convey their ideas in an unforgettable and unique way. Moreover, you can introduce your products or services or make your reviews in a professional way by helping of Powtoon. With its simple interface, you can use Powtoon very easily to create your video or presentations in a short time in a skillfully way. There is one Powtoon video or presentation created every second. Powtoon is used by famous brands like Coca-Cola, eBay, and Pfizer.


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