How To Write SEO Articles That Rank On Search Engines In Easy 10 Steps

How To Write SEO Articles That Rank On Search Engines In Easy 10 Steps
How to write seo articles

How to write profitable articles for your readers and SEO for search engines?

One of the very important tools in any successful site is its articles, and as these articles are useful as the chance to appear on first ten results is great. Personally, when writing an article, I am very careful to convey a certain message to my readers by summing up important tips in a certain field, a thing that help me first to get it in my mind and add to my experience more and more even I have no experience with what I am writing about. Here, I share with you important tips which help you to write articles which rank on search engines without needing any experience or with less experience, Let's go.

1- Start from the end
When writing about something, you need to know from the very beginning why you write about that thing and what do you need your readers to write about. For me, my site that rank fast on Google and other search engines even if I have any experience about that, from the other side and I think it is very important to help my readers to get specific steps and important information on how to write search engines optimized articles that appear on the first page of google.

2 – Typing experience
Though the experience in gathering ideas about a particular topic is not necessary to write about it, but the ability to write fast is very important thing as you need to type very fast to express other ideas on any site with your own style and writing from your heart, as it helps you to convey your message successful to your readers. You need to write faster, the average speed that you need when writing is about 40 second a minute. Try to achieve that aim with your won tools.
You can practice your ability from here

3 – Write your 400 words
After determining the aim and getting the experience of typing, an important thing is your start in writing, gathering initial information and general ideas help you to write your 400 words on any article; the knowledge of the main idea of your article and what you want to write about help you to write a good start with more than 300 words in average. That mean that till these words, there are about 401 words from my beginning by reading general ideas about what I want to write about.

4 – Keep writing
One of the most important strategies in writing SEO articles is continuity; as you keep time writing you notice that your skill increase in writing and time decreases day after day and month after month and your articles become more and more expressive; so you should keep writing.

5 – Choose carefully your keyword phrase
Your keyword phrase depends upon keyword research and the title or your article; that is to use keyword research tools to choose which keywords you should engage in your article and then choose carefully an attractive title to attract more reader to read your article and convince them while reading to come again to your site.

You can choose one of these tools to find your keywords 

6 – Divide your article
An important thing is the division of your article into short paragraphs and short sentence with many and many keywords or long tail keywords, long tail keyword are the sentences which are commonly searched by the people on search engines. The division of your article into passages full of long tail keywords helps people to read it and get it mind and very important to be optimized in search engines. Try to make it grammatically correct and use the most important keyword in the beginning within sub headlines and try to insert hyperlinks in your site, hyperlinks are the outsider URLs within your blog or in the outer blog. Try to refer to your old posts within your new ones as it is considered a strong anchor text to your articles; actually, that helps your readers to find your old articles and search engines will re-crawl to it again. 

7 – Try to write easy to share content
Building links to your article is a very important process for its SEO, so, you should create an easy to share a content article that when you publish it on your Facebook page or twitter or any other social media platforms user share it as it is very attractive and useful.

8 – Use pictures and infographics
Pictures are very important in your article as they are considered from search engines besides infographics which get readers fast and important information in very easy and attractive way which make them come to your blog and preferred it rather than any blog else. You can set your images in search engines by choosing a good title and description to them a thing that helps them to appear on images research. You can make wonderful Info Graphics for free from here.

9 – Gather your data
All the previous steps are depending upon the sources of your articles, you should gather your data and ideas from certain places or sites. If you decide to write about something write all the possible long tail keywords about that topic, then choose the best articles which deal with that object, then you can sum up these data with your own style and add to it your own sense that makes your article as good as these articles with your own research keywords.
You can go for issuu for lots of digital publication that you can read them for free. Type your main keyword then flip through the publication thereafter you can extract your facts and main ideas that help you to write a high-quality article.

10 – Finalize your article
The conclusion of your topic is very necessary as it sums up your ideas and helps the reader to gather your message in mind, try to choose expressive sentences to your conclusion which inspires your readers, motivated and inspired quotes is an important thing to do so.

Writing is a craft like any craft, and by time and practice you will master it and acquire creativity which you suffer from lack of it in your startup. You should be patient in waiting results but you should also use the necessary tools which make the coming results be the best.

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