31 Do follow Backlinks Will Boost Your Rank And Increase Your Traffic

31 Do follow Backlinks Will Boost Your Rank And Increase Your Traffic

The Famous sites for backlinks

Backlinks are the main source of the page authority of your site, and as they are strong as your site is considered from google. Here, we have to you 31 free and easy site to build high-quality backlinks to your articles and your keywords inside them. And you should put in mind this rule:  As your outside profiles are complete of your keywords that you use on your site as you can earn google authority and good knowledge of how you are strong.

1 – Reddit

Reddit allows you to share your links which are voted from its users negatively or positively. The links with great importance are introduced on the first page of the site, if you have one link on the first page, you will get incredible visits to your articles. As its content is renewed, Reddit is considered from Google as one of the important social signals which affect your page authority and so you appearance on first results.

2 – Digg

You can send and share your links and Digg and get great chance to appear on search results, the matter that gives you great chance to have massively trafficked to your site. Digg also is considered one of the good and highly quality backlinks which affect your appearance and ranking on search results.

3 – Medium

You can send your stories (articles) on Medium and can get high-quality backlinks to your site. sign up with facebook, twitter or google account and start to recognize the metrics of the site. 

4 – Storify

With storify you can write very interesting articles in the form of a story, it introduces the informational content in a very interesting way. The contents with big views are preferred on the face of the site and get incredible views. With Storify, you can get thousands of visits and strong backlinks very close to the content of your site.

Stumbleupon is one the very important web of links share, as you can add your site or blog link to it. You can create your free personal account and start sharing your site's links. Stumbleupon of the very crowded webs with more than 17 million users.

6 – LinkedIn

You can create a personal profile or a company profile for your business using LinkedIn and get benefit from more than 200 million users on that wonderful web. LinkedIn is not designed for fun like other social networks, but it is established for business owners to share their experience and found chances for more business.

7 – YouTube

By designing a professional video for your product, the conversion ratio to your product or review will be great and you can reach more directed audience ready to pay for your services. You can make a channel for your site and put your URLs in the description of your video, the matter that helps you to rank well on Google.

8 – Favable

You can prefer your links on the web as a bookmark using Favable. Links on Favable are shortened on a shape of Bit.ly, a thing that helps you to share your links using Favable on social media and get many and many visits to your website.

9 – Yelp

An important resource for millions who are looking for information about local business. You can make a profile on Yelp then help visitors to know about your business then get wonderful visits from it. It is an important site for social reviews as it contains more than 30 million reviews and more than 60 million users, you can start using Yelp searching for your business name. 

You can edit some of your old articles and published it again on Ezine Articles to get more or additional link to your website, though it devalued from Google, but it still works.

11 – Hubpages

You can write topics on Hubpages and put your links inside it as you wish. Like Ezine articles topics on Hubpages may devalue in Google new panda's update, but you can send topics to it and show their effects on your site.An Important thing to mention that Squidoo was combined to HubPages to turn to Hubpages a few years ago.

12 – Netlog

A Very strong social network which gives you do-follow backlinks to your site. With Netlog, you can create a blog and start blogging and adding your links, a thing which gives you high-quality backlinks to your site and very strong social signal. 

13 – Hatena

Hatena is a Japanese microblogging service allows you to share your articles within a limit of 250 words for every article, and it gives you do-follow backlinks to your site. You can write posts with that limit and target your keywords within it, then earn your strong backlinks.

14 – Dotpoch

You can send in Dotpoch your articles and links like Reddit and Digg. Your links are followed and will get a good number of views if they are important, then you can get strong backlinks to your site.

15 – Foursquare

Foursquare is a site to choose the best places in many fields, you can discover preferred places suggested by experts and friends, thus, the link you put in your profile is followed and considered from Google.

Google profiles especially Google plus is a very important link to your site as it appears on search engines and get strong signals to your site and also visits. If your hosting is a blogger, google profiles are made automatically, so you should make it with the same name of your site if you are out of blogger.

17 – Rediff

Rediff is one of the strongest social networks after facebook, twitter and google plus. Create your profile and start posting your links of your new articles, a thing which helps you to progress on search engines and SERPs.

18 – Scoop it

Like Pinterest, you can make your boards on Scoop it and put your links on it, and get do-follow backlinks to your site and raise your page authority in a short time.

19 – Postagon

One of the very strong microblogging services, postagon helps you to get very do-follow links to your site from your short posts of less than 300 words.

20 – Instapaper

By Instapaper, you can save your favorite links on the web by a certain way directed especially to mobile search, a thing which is not found in its competitors. That gives you a shorten links to your site and helps you to be number one in search engines within a short period.

21 – BlogMarks

Established in 2003 BlogMarks is one of the biggest blogging archives which is considered a mains reference to all blogs on the web. You can create your account and start posting high-quality contents to get strong and high-quality backlinks for your site.

With one comment of an important article of the same of your content, you can get more and more traffic and strong backlinks to your site, you can use your site Url in your signature, search on the blogs of the same contents of yours and start a comment in a not spamming way.

23 – Facebook

Needs no introduction, Facebook is one of the very important social signals to your site, it is number one with no competition. If your articles are widely shared, that will be a strong social signal to google to rank fast and easy your articles on its first page.

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24 – Twitter

Like Facebook and more strong than it in getting the much-targeted audience to your site. Unlike Facebook twitter is highly preferred with very private and close researchers, a thing that affects selling of your products and marketing your content.

25 – Instagram

With Instagram, you can share your photos through mobile phones and different social platforms like facebook and twitter. You can make Hashtags with your photos to appear on the search. You can also share your links in it and get strong social signals.

26 – Pinterest

With Pinterest, you can share your photos with different boards and get followers to increase your chance to get backlinks to your site and appearance on search engines.

27 – Quora

With Quora you can help people and answer their questions in a field of your experience, you can put your links to be followed within your answers and get strong backlinks.

28 – Tumblr

A Very strong platform that gathers both the metrics of facebook and blogger. Your posts with appearing both in your followers' personal account and on a search engine. You can share photos and articles and put your links in your share and get important social signals which help you to rank fast and easy on google search engines.

Like Quora, you can share your experience in a form of answers to questions asked by Yahoo Answers community. Just answer more questions and put your links in your answer, a thing which helps you much to increase your site's audience and get strong backlinks.

30 - Imgur

A viral spreading of photos Imgur is if you share a photo and it appears on the home page of the site and valued from Imgur members you will get millions of views to your photo which the link of your site in it and in its description.

31 – Forums

Forums are very backlinks to your site and you can get thousands of visits by using Forums correctly. Just choose a suitable Forum in the same field of your site and start to write threads and share in it and care to be very active to avoid banning your account.

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