4 Killing Steps To Cure From Mobile Games Addiction

4 Killing Steps To Cure From Mobile Games Addiction 

Candy Cush Addiction

When she was playing candy crush, I was very astonished about the time which my wife wasted on playing it. I was asking her why she loved it so much, for me, it is a very boring game, I don't love crushing resembled balls of all its kind and in that game, in particular, may be due to her hanging with it. When she was with her dad I remained for a week in the house, then I started to play that game, after a while it affected me so much, and I was playing it for more than 4 hours a day, I remembered my wife when she was playing it, then the same thing transformed to my 5 years old child that he takes my phone to play it and he left his other beloved games.
That situation puts in mind without any knowledge that there is a secret behind it, especially I saw most of my friends plays it and reached to different stages. I asked a friend when he got out his phone to play it if he loved it, he damned it. I said to him that when I go to sleep I see that crushing the ball in front of my eyes especially the private candies he confirmed my words that the same thing happens with him. I am sure now without any scientific knowledge that this game has some kind of addiction makes people play it and pay for continuity in playing though the game is free.
I decided in a moment of strength to delete it from my smart phone, I did it. When I woke up, I heard my child when he was sleeping, he said "why did you waste lives" he actually means lives of Candy crush which allows him to play more in every stage of the game. When he found that I deleted the game he was very angry, I told him that it is a bad game, he said it is very interesting game. A time later I decided to set up again on my phone but I retreated again. What was behind that candy crush, let's see.

Important statics

Candy crush Saga

Candy crush saga is a mobile match-three puzzle video game released on 12 April 2012 by king  (king digital entertainment), a social games company. The game was designed for Facebook, then other versions were developed rapidly for Android, IOS and Widows phone. In July 2013, there were 6.7 million users played Candy crush and its revenue was estimated by 633,000$ in only America per day. Now, one of every fourteen of Facebook users plays Candy crush. In the beginning of 2014, the net revenue of the company of Candy crush was 1, 33,000,000$. At the end of the same year, the earnings reached to be 2, 23,000,000$. The revenues of the game come from only 3% of the game players while the 97% play it for free. Candy crush then is the most popular game on Facebook, then it is the most popular game in the world. The daily revenues of the game were estimated in 2015 with 875,382$ a day. The average time of playing the game was estimated by 4 to 5 hours a day; for some, it reaches to 14 hours a day. Women aged between 25 and 55 are the most loyal for Candy crush.

Why candy crush is so addictive game
How does Candy crush affect our brains?
After reviewing those statics, an important question comes to our brains: why Candy crush is so addictive game?
The effect of Candy crush looks like that of gambling that depends on the chance of getting unexpected success and we have 12 reasons why the game is so addictive, these reasons are in the following lines:

Why candy crush is so addictive game

1- It make you wait

When playing Candy crush, you have 5 chances or 5 lives when you consume them you have to wait 25 minutes or more to play again. Waiting gives the game some kind of exciting and is considered the main factor of its revenue, that you have to pay for more tries or more lives or to share the game with your friends on Facebook and both are profit to the company of the game.

2 – The Good effect of the nice words

While you are playing and when crushing more candies, a delicious French dialect of the sweet man behind the background of the game amuse your ears with fantastic and courageous words like "delicious" "sweet" and you are always in wait to hear the word "SUGAR CRUSH" these words have its great effect in the continuity to play the game.

3 – Easy to play game

It is very easy to play the game; that the children can play it and score high levels. You can play it with one hand and in any place, or in waiting for someone or something or going to someplace or while you are on a bus or a metro. The easy strategy to play the game makes another important factor in addicting the game.

4 – You never lose

Candy crush is designed in a way that you can rarely lose. You always perform every stage after a try or more. When you reach to an end road or the place and you can't go to the next place, the game return to you directly to the first stages or you can pay to get out that stage and that is rarely to happen. The triumph you always perform while playing makes you not to stop playing it until you reach to its final stage, that actually is a strong psychological reason strength your relation with the game.

5 – It is a free game

The game doesn’t demand from you any money to play, it is a free game; it never compels you to pay, all you have to do is to wait more time when you finish your free life. Waiting for some people is a good reason to make them not to bore from it, but if you want to pay to continue playing, it is very easy to do, you can pay from your Facebook account or going to the game's store.

6 – It is directed to you inside child

The game depends on its components upon candies with its beautiful shapes, a thing that makes it very interesting, and it calls the child inside us and makes us have rest while playing and remembering or childhood with its nice days, it is another strong reason why Candy crush is so addictive game.

7 – It is a social game

As it is a worldwide game, because it is actually very interesting, that make a Candy crush very social game, you can send a demand to paly from a friend on Facebook, or ask your friend about the stage he reached into it. The social stamp of the game make your feel with the existence of others around you and you share you the same feelings.

8 – A chance for escape

With its nice shapes of candies and the interesting sound of candies crushing besides the quiet music of it, these make the game a good chance to escape from any depression and achieving a temporary happiness and in time triumph. All of these things strength your relation with the game.

9 – It grows with you

Going through the games stages make the game grows with you day after day and month after month. You feel as if it is one of your relatives or friends. The relation with you become very close and make it very impossible to stop playing it.

10 – Like gambling

Candy crush resembles gambling in the main factor of addiction, which is the waiting of triumph and achieving temporarily happiness. It depends on chance with great degree as the coming ball after crashing some balls is unexpected that may forms wonderful shapes that crash once and again, a matter that affects your brain and make it to make a chemical substance which is a dopamine which is responsible for happiness and exciting and as the game is the main cause of that you want to play it again and again, when finishing playing you feel after a while that you want to play again to get the sense of happiness  and triumph again which was actually a temporarily one, and that actually the same final result of addiction. For your knowledge, gambling is one of the most dangerous addiction which may lead someone to kill himself.

11 – As we play the game gets harder

 When you play the gets harder every stage, and if it remains easy, you will get bored and tired of the gum drops and jelly beans. That actually makes you come back to the game in several ways.

12 – Like slot machines

Your success in Candy crush depends to a great degree on the arrangement of the coming candies after crushing existent ones which are randomly arranged; it is a lucky game and that means that the reward schedule becomes unexpected. That technique makes the game more exciting as we never know when the next triumph is will take place and that technique is the same one which is used in slot machines and is known as a variable ratio schedule of reinforcement, you don't know when you win, but you win enough to come back and play again.  
If you don't see these reasons strong enough to make the game an addictive, let me see your reasons in a comment why you continuously play Candy crush.

Important tips to cure of candy crush addiction and Mobile Games Addiction In General

1- Control your time when playing it

If you delete the game directly from your smartphone, you'll come back again and come strongly to play it; get rid of it not for once, but control your time in playing it, then you'll find yourself by time not so interested in it, try!

2 – Delete the game

If you see yourself strong enough, then you should delete the game permanently from your device and forget about it.

3 – Go back to your life

If Candy crush affects your life, family, and work and harms your finical status, you should come back to your life before you lose your family and work.
Do you know?
A number of the divorce rate in many countries is caused by the addition of smartphone game and Facebook and mobile internet in general.

4 – Know the bad effects of Candy crush

An important and effective way to get rid of the addiction of Candy crush and cure from it is to know the danger of Candy crush upon your budget and family and your social relation:

It kills your time

You go to sleep later for the sake of Candy crush, confess! When getting up, you may go to play it before telling someone good morning, confess! You waste more than 4 hours a day playing, and this for months, if you use these hours in profitable things you'll achieve a good progress or very wonderful deeds.

It makes you impatient

When losing lives you bug your friends to get you their lives without considering that it is a very ridiculous thing, it tests your impatience, you are impatient, confess!

It takes your money

Examine your credit card, you will find that many bills are paid for Candy crush sake. Though King give you several ways to continue to play without paying, but you can pay easily to get more lives and if you start this process it hard to stop.

It affects your reality and dreams

When working or going to sleep you think of Candy crush ball, you see it in front of your eyes, you think about many strategies of the game, everything around you is in Candy crush shapes and colors; the game takes you to its world, that fancy world, so you should come back to the reality; it is very nonsense and very ridiculous to lose even on hour in that case.

No doubt that technology is of good effects, and playing video games is an interesting thing feels you with happiness and forms your rest in free time, but you should know that the companies which make these games have a full team of psychological scientist to make these games more addictive, a matter that makes people pay to play. May you see that the addiction of games isn't dangerous, but you should know that its effects resemble great degree the effects of the ordinary addiction of cocaine and heroin or rather the electronic music, the result is a waste of time in nonsense and unprofitable deeds and waste of money (even if little money) and a main reason in divorcing between many couples,

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