7 Best Tools To Test Website Speed

7 Best Tools To Test Website Speed 

One of the very important of success for any site is that speed of it, as the speed of site contributes with more than 15% on the appearance chance on google, and leave positive attitudes on the visitors of your site. More than 40% of visitors leave the site if it takes a long time in its uploading, so, you should put in mind to high the speed of your site to increase your chance on appearing on the first page.
Here we introduce to you the most important website which tests the speed of your site, then you can take action to improve and treat negative points which hinder your site speed.
1 – pingdom

website speed tools pindgom

Pingdom is considered the first site to test the speed of your site as it a very easy to use and very effective tool in measuring sites speed and is built with its easy appearance and usage to analyze the load speed of your site and introduce you important tips to make your site faster. By entering the URL of your site, Pingdom starts to test its speed and introduce you the information of your site in easy to read icons which have illustrated on its main page, refer to HTML, Javascript, Imag, warning, and others. Pingdom test your site speed and the overall health of your site by providing very important data according to HTTP server response codes, then you can know what time of content which takes a long time in uploading by knowing the most or least requests of it.

2 – GTmetrix

website speed test tools GTmetrix

GTmetrix is the second speed test tool which gives you very useful information concerning the speed of your site and very useful detail about your site size, time and number of requests; in short, it draws you a complete picture on how your site load, then gives you important tips to detect negative points of your site and tips to recover them. By making a free account on GTmertics you'll get more information concerning your site test, as you'll be able to compare the speed or site from different location and browsers and even various connection types. GTmertics can check your page speed with Yslow metrics and the complete history of your site's page load time and can determine the bottlenecks and deal with them. 

web speed test site webpagetest

With Webpagetest you can test the performance of your site from many locations and many browsers and even the cable connection, enter your URL of your website then choose the location and the browser. The result of your test appear in waterfall charts and provide you with rich diagnostic information to improve the work of your site and your page speed optimization. The importance of Webpagetest is important for websites as it targets many different locations and browsers.

website speed test tools pagespeed insigths from google developers

It is the wonderful and the formal tool of google developers and one from many tools of web performance at google. As it is pronounced on its main page, PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. By entering a web page URL, PageSpeed insights analyze it for both desktop and mobile and give you suggestion summary for what should fix, consider fixing and show you how to fix it.

website speed test Pagescoring

pagescoring speed test tool gives the loading time for websites and their domains, it checks domain resolving speed besides download time and website request. This important information is wonderful for webmasters to improve and resolve the speed problems of their websites.

website speed test tool

Website Speed Test one of the dotcom monitors tools, and it analyzes the speed of your website from many aspects and according to many criteria's such as location and territory and several browsers such as chrome, firefox, and other mobile browsers. It tests all of your page elements and provides yours with the browser-based load time. Moreover, it can detect the slow and the missing element on your page, then you can complete them and repair. Website Speed Test provides you with complete waterfall reports, graphs and charts.

Monitis Website Speed Test

Monitis Website Speed Test is a full page load tester and it is a free tool to test your page load time, and it can easily identify the bottlenecks of your site by searching all your page element. It can test your page time load from many locations as US, Asia, and Europe. Monitis Website Speed Test can optimize your page your page performance based upon its statistics and can also improve user experience and your rankings on google. 

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