Keyword Tools Comparisons: Keyword.IO VS Word tracker

Keyword Tools Comparisons: Keyword.IO VS Word tracker

Keyword research is the most important process of SEO, and it the very vital process of it, and without it, everything thereafter will be nonsense, as by finding the profitable keywords phrases or long-tail keywords you can drive the very targeted and relevant traffic to your blog or your website, here. We choose from the wide market of keyword research to keyword research tools, you can get benefit from their free trial version, and decide thereafter to purchase or not.

1 - tool is a free keyword research tool, you can use it for free and get long tail keywords from several important search engines and brands such as Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia, Ebay, Alibaba, PlayStore, Fiverr
You can type in a word and the longtail keyword finder of will find all such similar keywords for you within seconds, by suggesting to you the right and requisite combinations of the keyword.
You need not register to have access to the tool. You only have to create a free account enabling you to download the generated list of your research request, then you can use it for more specific results in Google Keyword planner tool.
If you want to get more specific results using the, you can use its pro version

Which have many advantages than the free, as it gives you the monthly search volume of your keywords, and their CPC and competition on AdWords, and other advantages.

2 - Word tracker

Word tracker is the best choice to save your time as it provides you with the search volume of your keywords in 60 days and the important sites which compete in that keyword or how many competitors use that keyword, and then it gives you the important long tail keywords which that has less competition and considerable even high search volume, which help you to drive the most amount relevant traffic to your website. Besides, it provides you with the necessary data which enables you to attract targeted visitors and improve your rank in search engines. It provides you with new ideas of long tail keywords you can target on your site. Word tracker has massive keyword database that is based on more than 3.5 billion searches. In general Word Tracker provides you with the needed knowledge to optimize your marketing campaigns and website.
Word tracker can be used to support your SEO strategy by showing you important and essential level-ground statics of the keyword research, as the search volume during the past 365 days and the level of competition, and it helps much by offering very helpful Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI)
You can use it as a free trial for 14 days by sign up and provide your personal information and the necessarily paid information.

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