8 Easy Tips To SEO Your Articles Fast And Easy In Google and Bing

8 Easy Tips To SEO Your Articles Fast And Easy In Google and Bing

Choosing the keywords is the first step of SEO, as the right choice of the long tail keywords helps you to rank fast and easy on search engines; the right and profitable long tail keywords help you to appear easily on first pages and advanced results.
Here, we'll get you 8 tips to SEO your keywords and articles fast and easy.

1 – Write Profitable Article

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When writing, put in mind to give value and benefit to your readers as equal as search engines; the search engines, Google, in particular, put in their priorities to benefit their researchers and find exactly what is important and useful for them. When search engines discover that their researchers interact positively with your articles, they will push up them on their first results.

2 – Be Genius

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As a writer, you actually have a manner in writing. Whatever, don't write or convey your messages through harsh or difficult words or abstract articles which have no soul. Be easy and convey your message through your easy words. If you have no talent in writing, try it one and more until you can acquire it with time and experience; then you'll turn to Be Genius.

3 – Try Simple And Free Keywords Research Tools

When deciding to write about something, don't upset of the huge competition of its main keyword. You'll actually find some profitable long tail keywords through using free, easy and effective research tools such as Google keyword Planner and Google Trends. 

4 – The Importance Of Image

You should add your article with images. Do your images by yourself and SEO it on Google Images by writing a suitable description on the image properties. Moreover, use innovated images which have a value or important quotation inside it and upload them on famous sites of images such as Flickr and Pinterest, then you can put the link of your site in the description of your images, and write your site slogan and URL on the image itself.

5 – Use Simple SEO Tools

Before deciding to write another article, make a reasonable and free SEO campaign to your article by using different social media platforms to share your articles on them. You can use, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Slideshare, Tumblr, Yahoo Answers, Quora, Flickr, Pinterest, and others.

6 – Repeat Your Successful Tools

You should observe the progress of your articles on SERPs. You can use of these10 important tools which can measure your rank on google and where you are on SERPs. You'll know which keywords you're ranking through on different search engines, then you can know why these articles exactly or those which rank on Google, then you will know which tool you use in these articles that make search engines push them up on their results.

7 – Use Time Tool (on the beginning)

Time main tool is patience, it is actually a wonderful tool to rank thereafter even with less SEO. When your site is famous and have its readers and audience, they'll come you back directly without any search engine from their bookmarks; isn't it wonderful? And when your site become a brand one day your articles will appear on first pages, but you should put in mind that your articles won't be important unless they introduce a profitable information and have a value inside them.

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8 – Leave Failure Away

Don't put failure idea on your mind as it will be a great obstacle on your way. Avoid any tools which hinder your progress such as ideas like: "it is impossible" "you can't achieve it" it is important also to avoid any person who will reduce your strength or have negative attitudes or depressed person.

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On your beginning, you'll feel that it very difficult to compose even if a nonsense article, but by the time you'll write, directly and without any sense from you,  very important articles which rank fast and easily on Google.


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