6 Easy Steps To Monetize Your Facebook Page

6 Easy Steps To Monetize Your Facebook Page

What is Facebook Monetization?
If you have a fan page on Facebook with a great number of fans, you have a fortune and an indirect revenue. The Facebook page, or Facebook strategy in general lies in the viral news or viral in general whatever the kind of viral according to its audience. Every audience has his interests and a reasonable part of that audience is ready to pay for his product, and that is what we intend by Facebook Monetization, the way that makes your Facebook fans pays and add your products or affiliate link to their charts.

Everyone on the web is on the Facebook platform
Nearly, most people have accounts on Facebook and have their own audience either from their friends or their fans. And you as a page owner, is an expert, from those who fans you, they fan your page to learn, to know more, to have fun and to pay and buy.

 Facebook users

facebook statics 2016

From 2008 to 2016 the users of Facebook increases steadily; the number of logged in users on Facebook or active users reaches in the first quarter of 2016, according to statista, reached to 1.65 billion users. The Facebook platform then is considered the most popular social network worldwide. Imagine, how much those users pay every day to purchase products. 

 How To Monetize your Facebook
To monetize your Facebook fan page we have for you certain guidelines you should follow to achieve your first earning from Facebook, let's begin:
1- Start From Facebook
You should start your existence from the web from Facebook that is you should practice your experience from Facebook at the very beginning. That is you should have a Fan page contain your interests. You try to share on it what you think is viral, and you'll know that by experience and much use.
2 – Increase Your Fans
If you have a page, with few fans, you should, of course, increase the fans of your page by knowing what their fans like and share, then you should pump up your page by making an advertise on Facebook. Try to reach to more than 10000 fans.
 3 – Earn Your Fans Trust
If you have exactly a page, you should interact with your users and try to answer their comments if you want to win their trust for your coming plans in monetization, and follow your articles and reviews, and finally, win Google's trust when your audience shares your posts of your site.
4 – Increase Your Social Existence
Your Existence on Facebook is considered the main source and mine for your traffic on other social medias and search engines results, as you can invite your fans to your Twitter account from Facebook, Your Youtube channel by sharing your videos on your page, and increase them to follow you on Google Plus and shares your important advice and articles or reviews, and finally win search engines trust when your audience start to share you on other social media platforms.
5 – Have A Brand

The second step after your Facebook page is to have a brand on the web, not condition to a very big brand, if so it will be wonderful, and if not, you can depend on your users positive attitudes from sharing you to build your little brand that they will purchase your products or affiliate link from it, and it is very important step to have a product, or to be an affiliate marketer on from famous affiliate Markets like Amazon, Clickbank or ShareASale affiliate program.

6 – Emailing Your Fans
The step thereafter depends upon collecting email from your fans so as to use them in email marketing, by sending your fans to a free service on your website but it demands to leave their email. Or you can send them to your affiliate link. Or you can sell solo ads on your website and send your fans to view them, actually, you can use affiliate company ads such as hosting company, but try to target your Facebook Fans from speaking about a particular thing, product or branch on your face and your website.

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