10 Best Rank Checker Tools

10 Best Rank Checker Tools

10 Best Rank Checker Tools

Observing your results on google is an important thing, as it pushes you up when knowing that your articles go on, on SERPs, and makes you work in the light. Rank Checker stage, for me, is an important stage in SEO after Keyword Research and making initial SEO for your articles. We here introduce to you the most important Rank Checker Tools which tell you where you are on SERPs.

1 – Semrush

Semrush is a wonderful tool which has many functions in SEO operations such as knowing important knowledge concerning domain analytics, paid and organic keywords of the domain you search and other important analytics. As a rank tool, Semrush gives you an overview of a keyword which the domain rank on through organic and paid results. By entering your domain, Semrush then will give you the keywords which you are ranking on in SERPs of google or bing or any important search engine through organic research, and paid, if you target some keywords in paid campaigns. You can try it for 14 days, then you have to subscribe to pro.

SERPs rank tool is the second important tool in pursuit your results on search engines, and it gives you a free trial period. By entering your keyword and your domain, it gives you important information concerning your results on google, Bing or yahoo, as it gives you choice to test your keywords on google or yahoo (Bing). And also you can choose any location to know the results of your keywords on it. You can download your results as a csv file.

A free tool to know Google page rank of your domain according to backlinks, and the more quality backlinks, the higher page rank of the domain. It gives also other information concerning domain such as, domain authority, page authority, domain validity, Alexa rank and other information.

This tool shows you your position on top search engines for specific keywords, you can select which page rank you want to check. You can enter up to 5 keywords of your domain to know your position on SERPs and your page rank. That tool searches on search engines for keywords to know exactly where are your position on google in the top 100 results or the first 10 pages.

By putting the keyword that you want its rank on google along with your domain name, Google position checker tool will give you the position of the specific keyword on google. Google position checker tool is a free tool among 100 web tools very concerning SEO and web tools. 

6 – Serplab

Serplab is a free Google SERP checker. You can enter five long keywords of your domain or any other domain to test these keywords and know its rank concerning that domain on the first 100 pages of Google. It is then a very important tool to discover the health of your site and pursuit your other competitor's site and the keywords which they are ranking on.

Also, that tool gives you your position for specific keywords in the first hundred results of google of a certain domain. It is very easy to use and gives wonderful results. 

Up to 400 positions, Google position tool can pursuit your keyword position on Google. Enter your keyword and your site, then discover the position of your site according to the specific keywords in the first 50, 100, 200, 300 or even 400 hundred results of Google. You can choose any according to your keyword usage.

It gives you the position of your keyword and how does it work in many search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It gives you also important information such as the number of competitors who compete you with these keywords and your rank place in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Also, it determines to you the first URL found concerning that keyword.

10 – Rank Checker

By entering your keyword and domain name, the rank checker will do the rest, as that tool is designed particularly to show how your website is ranking on google and other search engines such as Yahoo, MSN. Moreover, Rank checker suggests to you what you need to improve on your site to make it more search engine friendly and analyzing your site's met tags.

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