How To Use Google Trends For SEO

How To Use Google Trends For SEO

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is search tool or public web facility based on Google search which shows the user how often a specific search terms, keywords, phrases and even subjects have been queried over a specific period of time (starting from 2004) across different regions of the world and in different languages; and allows to compare the popularity of search terms (it allows you to compare up to 5 search terms at time). Google Trends wasn't designed not only to give search volume of main keywords or phrases, but to generate a dynamic insight and draw a full portrait of the whole age of the keyword in past, present and may be in future times as long as you can imagine, as the data provided by Google Trends is updated daily. The provided data is ordered in a graph called by Google as "search volume index".

The difference between Google Trends and Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool and Google Trends resembles in the function that they get the most researched keywords or the attitudes of people towards certain keywords. But Google Keyword Planner is a commercial function, as it is directed to advertisers to know the search volume of bid keywords and the most important keywords that can pay for to achieve more sales from their websites. Google Trends is directed to the public, it is an informal tool to show top stories or what people was, is and will be interested in; it meant, especially, for normal people who are not interested in ads, so the results which show in charts and graphs in general.

How to use Google Trends

Google Trends as we mentioned is directed to normal people to show public's opinion towards some topics and top stories, and to give information to the public to what they are interested in, so the tool is free, the public can use it without even signing up. Digital marketers use it with a different way, as they use it to know the best keywords which will rank well on their sites and what keywords which people interested into use in their blogging.
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Explore Topics Home Page

Home Page of Google Trends shows you the most researched topics during the last 24 hours, you can search the topics on that page and click it to get more information about it. That actually benefit you in your topics to compose a wonderful topic which will be important and know from the very beginning the volume of your audience.


The home page of Google Trends show to you the hot trends of all categories of the day you are searched on and the state you searched from then you can change them to any state or any date, here is an example
This is a snapshot of Google Trends home page on 30/4/2015

google trends home page

 How experts use Google Trends For SEO

Google Trend is the best tool if you want to use a keyword research tool to develop your internet marketing campaign, as it draws to you a diagram of the history of the keywords and the trends of people towards in a period of time, then you can decide to work or not work on it. Besides, it is a general tool in keyword research as you can use it in web research, image research, Youtube research, in any a period of a day, a week, a month, a year (the past twelve months) and in any time since 2004, and also the general trends in any place and what is best searched on and you can determine which field you can search on; if you are working on marketing business, for instance, you can pick up that category and start searching for it. Knowing all this information and using it by this way enables you to find truly marketing opportunities for your business or your brand and making successful plans for marketing keywords which achieve you the best results in selling your keywords.

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 Keyword Comparison

Google Trends enable you to compare up to 5 keywords and know the trends of people towards these keywords and which keywords as most researched and from any countries, the matter which is very useful in know the best article to write about. See that picture of comparing between 5 tools of keyword research which are: Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahref, Long Tail Pro, and Keyword you can see that the most researched tools and that have people's interests are Google keyword planner and Semrush, knowing this make you promote your article concerning these two terms if you are working on Keyword Research Tools.

keyword comparison on google trends

Besides it give you the related searches to the terms you search on and that actually is a golden mine of idea you can promote on your blog. 

You can change your search from web search to "video content. Youtube search" or "image research" or "new research" or "google shopping". By using Google Trends on "Youtube research" you can brainstorm and get new ideas for your video content.

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