How To Make A Successful Blog In Only Three Steps

How To Make A Successful Blog In Only Three Steps

How To Make A Successful Blog

Finding keywords ideas for your blogging is the key to success any blog, and the main factor to start a strong start and stand on a hard land, besides, there are many factors help you to start you successful blog and find profitable keywords and long tail keywords for your articles, here, I'll share with you, not revealed factors to start you successful blogging besides two free tools to find profitable keywords.

When you see a great blog or website on the web while searching for a particular thing, it takes your attention if you are interested in blogging and make money from the internet and, wish to have a blog like it. Actually, as I'm interested in that I wished to have a blog that has million page views monthly. That is not an impossible dream, but it is a work which has rules and basis. I read a quote to a marketing expert says that the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, and the second best time to do so is now, so you have to take action.

Keyword research tools are many and variable either free or paid. Actually, you won't need to use all of them at one time, but you have your own and favorite tools which you prefer them than the others. Every marketing expert has one or more than two tools which he prefers in his keyword research. We ordered 20 tools which used by marketing experts as they revealed their preferred tools in keyword research. To me, I'll reveal my tools which I used to find long tail keyword and the tools I preferred and how to use them.

1 - Experience and love

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First of all, when I decide to write about the subject, I put myself in the place of the researcher, then think what he wants from that keyword, that is, the main keyword or head keyword in any field have many queries and phrases which people discuss and want to know. Let's have some examples:

The word car is a core word, which has many and many phrases that the people speak about which we name "long tail keywords" from that keyword, the phrases varies according to time and place, as every time has its phrase and every place also has its phrases, and there are green phrases ready to be used at any time and any place, for instance the year 2016 has its phrases concerning the term "car" as: the cheapest car in 2016; the most expensive car in 2016; the most elegance car in 2016 etc. the place also determines and controls the phrase, as these phrases: the most elegance car in America, the cheapest car in Japan, the most expensive car in Germany, etc.
The knowledge of this, helps you to be aware of your keyword, especially if you have a bit experience on it and then shorten your way, as this experience helps you to know exactly what people think and their needs, as you'll achieve their needs and meet their ideas through your articles and may be your products. And if you haven't any experience in the term that you want to write on it, no problem, you just need to love it, then you'll do your best and turn to be a genius by time. Just love it, and if you don't love it, leave it away.
You may be very astonished when you write down very long and attractive article which need two or three hours to finish it, and you read it to the end without the feeling of time passing. You know, as you amused that article because you searched for it yourself as you want to know and read about its subject, the author of that article had the same enthusiasm when writing it as he loved what he wrote about, and if you begin and love what you write about, you will one day write down as long article as you read one day and as interesting also, but you need to go to the second step.

2 - Continuity and patience

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Love and experience of some fields are not enough factors to achieve you the desired success, but you should have patience and continuity, which help you to skip obstacles which will meet you, but if you are patient and continuous on hard-working and very sure of your success on one day, that actually helps you so much to do your best and be very creative on your work.

Just don't be a miser in introducing your knowledge, be generous and offers your knowledge lavishly without waiting for any fees, and the money will come to you without any waiting from you.
You may write and write and you feel that there isn't any reaction, no traffic on your website. As I tell you, write what is very useful; what people actually search on, even you didn't use any tools to find people's interests. If your article is useful and the unique search engine will introduce to researchers despite their noses.

3 - Free Tools

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As a beginner, it is very difficult to you to pay to for buying keyword stuff, or subscribe in a paid tool and pay monthly regularity fee to test now and then your keywords and know your competitor's case. Then, the best choice to you is to use free tools or alternative tools. Of course, the best choice of free tools is Google keyword Planner, which is a genius tool and the formal tool for Google which helps advertiser of Google AdWords find their best SEO keywords which they pay for. The matter so is how to use Google keyword planner for SEO or to know long tail keywords which enable you to appear organic in Google results.

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The second best choice to you is to use Google trends, best to know that Google keyword planner is the second tool used by marketing experts in finding their long tail keywords and Google Trends is the fourth one. Google Trends get in front of you the most searched topics and the hot topic in certain day, week, month or year and in general at any time, and introduce to you the history of the keyword you searched on the attitudes of people towards that keyword, and their interests in raising up or descending down, and that in general form in mind a general idea of what is important and what is not important.

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To know your keywords is very important, and no one can deny that, but when you begin, you need to continue to appear on Google results. And be sure that by doing the best and most helpful article you'll see your online project online grow day after day and you'll go from success to success, just take action, and everything will be all right.

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