Best Keywords Tools (Google Keyword Suggest Tool)

Best Keywords Tools (Google Keyword Suggest Tool)

I like to name that tool 4by1tool as it gets you keywords for Google, Bing, Amazon and YouTube. Google keyword Suggest tool is one of many best SEO tools we mentioned in our article: Best SEO keywords tools
This tool expands the keyword as more as alphabetically suggestions. By searching on the keyword it gets you the most important keywords in alphabetical order; it gets long tail keywords and phrases for a specific core keyword. 

Best keywords tools (Google keyword suggest tool)

If you search for example keyword (Gold): it will introduce to you the following results:
Gold apple watch
Gold and silver
Gold and white dress
Gold and black
And after finishing (A) letter suggestions, introduces (B), then (C) etc… by so you will get an enormous list of phrases.
The results of keywords of that tool depend upon the most researched sentences of that keyword in 4 important search engines: Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon.

How to use google keyword suggest tool

You can use one of them, two or three, or use them all to get all the results, this in the first step.
The second step gets you the bulk suggestion for your keywords that you mark them; as by marking a number of keywords, it gets you more and more suggestions concerning the keywords that you determine.
how to get phrase ideas from core keyword

The third step get important information of 100 keywords concerning search volume and PCP (price per click)

downloading google keyword suggest tool excel

Google keyword suggest tool enables you to save your keyword file to have ideas for your website thereafter; by so it introduces massive brainstorming ideas from a sole keyword; that may a science researcher use them in his researches.

The importance of Google suggest tool in ordering the results of the four search engines: Google, Bing, Amazon and YouTube, and keywords suggestions of each one has its importance; for Google and Bing they are the most researched keywords, for Amazon they are the more commercial results and for YouTube they are the most interesting. 

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