7 Basics To Begin Your Successful Niche?

7 Basics To Begin Your Successful Niche?

7 Basics to start your successful niche?

Why you should have a niche?

A niche or the microsite is the fast way to achieve your fast earnings, then it is suitable for many and achieves wonderful earnings if it succeeds and built correctly; Here we have 7 Basics to help you start your successful niche:

Let's begin:

1 – The choice or your niche

From the very beginning, you have to choose your niche. The choice of your niche is reliable on 2 main and important factors; first of them is a niche of a field you have a good deal of experience on it, and the second factor is a niche concerning  a field that you want to know about it, and that last factor is suitable for many, just, take action.

 2 – Paid Domain

The second important thing to start your successful niche is the paid Domain; you should buy your suitable domain name of your niche as the free domains now have less authority from search engines in general and Google in particular. The best domain site is actually Godaddy and the way of choice your domain is to write it research box and see what is available.

3 – Successful keywords

After you determine your favorite field and choose the suitable domain, you have to choose your wonderful keywords. Here, we'll introduce you to use successfully the keyword planner tool. After searching for new ideas in that tool you have to arrange it and dismiss the results of less than 2000 avg.monthly researchers, and with less competition or medium competition. Then write down in a notepad file then start in writing your articles. You can also test your keywords from traffictravis.

 4 – Suitable Template

 The fourth step is a suitable template for your niche site. And the suitable and wonderful template is that one which has five important points, first of them is to be a responsive template which is suitable for all devices; to test the template change the resolution of your screen and if the template remains fit to your screen, it is the responsive template. The second point is to be calm for eyes, avoid black templates as possible. The third point is that it should have at least three places for ads. The fourth point is that it should have social buttons, and the last point is that it should have fewer banners and widgets. The best sites for introducing templates are templateism and deluxetemplates

5 – Content

As we all know: content is the king, good content achieve you good earnings even it has a less SEO. Your content should have important factors, it should hand-made articles; and you should avoid article spinner tools that just replace words with nonsense ones, then the nonsense article. You can buy your articles from many sites which have this service as iwriter and vwriter, or you can get free articles from myblogguest. But this site should take a link from your website or from the article that you took from to it.

Also, you can hire a friend to write your articles and pay for him. Your article should have images to enrich it and also a video to catch the visitor more and more time on your website. You can copy your articles from the sites which allow that, and point to them in your blog, as e-zine article and hub pages. You can listen to the video in your niche and turn it in an article. After writing your article, check it on Grammarly to correct grammatically and structure mistakes.

6 – Social Media

After writing more than 8 articles, start to share them on social Media, the most important social Media is Facebook, by making a page concerning your niche subject and; then start working on twitter, feed burner, Google plus. Search on Facebook pages search engine. After finding famous pages of the same of your niche, comment on the most recent posts on it and put your article link

 7 – SEO campaign

After doing the pre-mentioned six steps, you then have to start your SEO campaign; and SEO campaign should start to form the very beginning and never end; as it should remain as your site on the web. We have for you the most important site which wins Google trust in a short time: You should make a press release every week on i-newswire. You should answer a question concerning your niche in yahoo answers. Then you can put your articles links after that Write an article every week on tumblr and put your niche articles link. Write an article every week and make for it the suitable SEO campaign as you see and according to the suitable tools for that article

you can get backlinks from blogs which like your blog, you can know these blogs from pastebin. Copy all your article and put the link for it in quora which have a great trust from Google I want to say that the way of Making SEO is variable and are made according to your attitudes and according to your sailing on the internet.

Finally, I wish that you achieve some benefits from that article. Thank you for your time


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