11 Awesome And Mind-Shocking Marketing Quotes

11 Awesome And Mind-Shocking Marketing Quotes

11 Awesome and mind-shocking Marketing Quotes

1 – The future of business is social.

SEO in the past was primarily depended upon back-links, whatever the content was, for thus you could see on the first page a nonsense article. This indeed affects particularly search engines, is it leads a bad reputation to them. But this matter didn't last long, as search engines now depend upon two main things, besides backlinks, which are the content level and its state in social media; it is a shareable content or not and how many shares of it; social media now is the future of your brand; so you should choose the best.

2 – Marketing isn't magic. There is a science to it.

May you ask yourself: how can those affiliate marketers buy this quantity of products and earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars every morning? You may think: there is a trick they are making to do so; but simply, there are no tricks of magic, they know exactly the right road to do so based on the science of E-Marketing.

3 – Think like a customer.

If you try to trick the visitor of your site, they actually discover that, and never come again to it. Introduce to your visitor what you think is useful, even it not useful, it is important to be persuaded by the good quality of your product; your content and your brand.

4 – Understanding the key factors behind the math is behind viral marketing, and use those to figure out what it takes to get viral growth.

The main language of E-Marketing is numbers. But actually numbers is not the lonely languages, there are many factors which control that language; it is the quality; as if there is a high quality as if there is a viral marketing.

5 – Companies are learning that it is much better to offer a place to give direct feedback at their virtual doorstep than to ignore complaints and let them crop up everywhere.

Never ignore complaints; it is very important to contact your customers; your visitors. Answering their questions and responding to their comments and solving their problems make them your sincere vendors.

6 – You want to invent new ideas, not new rules.

The rules of success is static in every field of knowledge; they are patient, hardworking, discipline, intelligence, etc... There are the same of even old ideas, But the new ideas is viral even with little of old rules.

7 – Before you create any more "great content", figure out how you are going to market it first.

Never write articles if you don't know the right methods to reach it to the people; ignorance of reaching methods kill it before it comes to light. Know exactly and study more about how to market your articles, to save them from death.

8 – Give them quality. That is the best advertising.

To advertise a bad thing is a nonsense; the high quality of your content and your product is an advertising without money; save your money and work hard to create what is very useful to your audience.  

9 – Focus on the core problem your business solves & put out lots of content & enthusiasm & ideas about how to solve that problem.

By reading more on the core problem you actually reach to its solution, the solution in not in the paid tools only, may you find in the free tools, just search and do much efforts to solve it, and you'll reach.

10 – There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks, and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy, and determination you can get there.

Patience and patience is the magic recipe for every success. Do more and more, ascend step by step and one day you'll reach the top; remember who is on the top, was one day in the bottom. One day YouTube viewers were less than 10 viewers in a unique day.

11 – The best way to hold customer is constantly figure how to give them more for less. 

It is a great theory in economic; sell more and earn few. Not everyone comes your site is ready to pay; most of them want to take free. Remember his coming in itself is earning to you; one day he will come back and pay.

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